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                      101. YOUNG MILLER isFOUND


Amy: I’m so glad that the boyfound.

Alan: n’t I tell you they would find him? Where washe found?

Amy: In Canterbury.

Alan: Oh! Howhe manage to get as far as  that (так далеко)?

Amy: He got there in Mr Perckin’s van.

Alan: What?

Amy: Mr Perckinn’t know about it, of course. His van wasstanding in

front of his shop. And the boy just got in (to get in - пролезать внутрь) at the back (с задней стороны). 


Alan: And got a free ride to Canterbury. He probably hoped he would get to Dover. Howthe police catch him?

Amy: Theyn’t exactly catch him. He went to the police station himself.


Alan: A-ah, he thought better of the whole thing (to think better of it -



Amy: Yes, particularly as he found he’d lost all his money. But he

promised he would never run away again.

Alan: Howthey send him home?


 Amy: Mr Miller went himself to fetch him.


Alan: And had it out with (to have it out with smb. - разобраться с кем-л.; жестко поговорить с кем-л.) him when they got home, I suppose.


Amy: Nothing of the kind! Mr Miller wanted to, but his wife thought it better not to discuss the thing at all (вообще).

Alan: Now you see, the Millers simplyn’t strict ( strict

строгие) enough with that boy of theirs.

Amy: In’t think so. Mr Millertoo strict with him sometimes. And he n’t try to make friends with (по/дружить/ся с к-л.) his son. But Mrs Miller tries very scientific about it (по-научному; с научной

точки зрения: Миссис Миллер старается старается подходить к этому с научной точки зрения).

Alan: These modern ideas! When I a boy I never…

Amy: Now, now, Alan, I know a thing or two from your mother. What

about that walk on the roofs? Or the experiment with your father’s gun?

 Alan: Oh well, just stop your harmless jokes.

Amy: That’s exactly what young Jack says.




Where wasyoung Jones found? - In Canterbury.

Howhe manage to get as far as that? - He got there in Mr Perckin’s van.

Whyhe go to Canterbury? - He probably hoped he would get to Dover.

Whyhe go to the police? - Because he found helost all his money.

Whathe promise? - He promised he would never run away again.

Whathis mother think of all that? - She thought it was better not to

discuss this thing at all.




                         102. DEBBY AND AMY TALK ABOUT AMY’S JOB


Debby: You n’t told me anything about your job yet, Amy. What exactly areyou doing at present?

Amy: Cataloguing new books. We’ve bought quite a lot of science fiction (научная фантастика) lately.

Debby:  children like READING at all now?children like

books like that? 

Amy: Oh yes, theyextremely interesting (ВНИМАНИЕ! interesting - интересные. НО  interested in smth. - интересоваться

ч. либо) really! I would read them myself if I had more time, but Ifar too busy now. Work at my job, and the house KEEPING.


 Debby:  Couldn’t Alan and Jeena help you a little?

Amy: Jeenan’t much good ( not much good - толку чуть; никакого толку ).  Besides, she’s busy with her lessons lately. And Alan is doing his best (to do one's best - стараться изо всех сил), but he’s no good  ( no good - не получается) at all (совсем) at house work, poor darling.


Debby: It’s your own fault, Amy. If I had a husband I would train him better.


Amy: Perhaps, youwould. I always find it quicker to do everything myself.


Debby: That’s why you’re overworked.



Amy: I’m not getting enough sleep, that’s the worst.

Debby: You start very early,n’t you?

Amy: Yes, our librarymoved further west lately. And it’s a long way from here.


Debby: Well, then try to go to bed earlier. If you went to bed at ten you would get enough sleep, surely.

Amy: Yes, you’re right, Debby. I’ve tried that, but somehow itn’t work (не получается). We always sit up too late, (to sit up - засиживаться

допоздна) Alan and I.


Debby: Listen, Amy, I have an idea. That library of yours has several branches, hasn’t it?

Amy: Yes, it has, but what about it (= А что?)?



Debby: Ask them to transfer you to another branch. If you worked nearer

home, you wouldn’t waste so much time on the journey (to waste time on smth. - тратить на ч.-л. время).


Amy: What? Oh no, that’s out of the question (= это невозможно)!


Debby: Why?

Amy: If In’t have that hour on the tube I wouldn’t have time to read

any books at all. And I must read something as a librarian, mustn’t I?






Alanno good at all at house work. - If I had a husband //  I would train him better.

I’m not getting enough sleep. - If you went to bed at ten // you would get

enough sleep.

If you worked nearer home //  you wouldn’t waste so much time on a journey

If I n’t have that hour on the tube //   I wouldn’t have time to read any books at all.




                                  103. AUNT GWEN GETS A LEGACY

                                 (to get a legacy - получать наследство




Amy: Aunt Gwen, how nice to see you again! Please come in.

AlanOh, how you, aunt Gwen?


Aunt Gwen: I’m very well, thank you! I’m glad to find you at home, Alan.

I want to ask your advice. 


Alan: Really?

Aunt Gwen: Of course! But In’t know I would want to ask for it.

Amy: Whatit aunt Gwen? What can Alan do for you?


Aunt Gwen: Here, read this letter.

(Alan reads the letter)


Alan: Hm…Very interesting.

Aunt Gwen: Yes,n’t it? Well, what I’m going to do about it?

Amy: But whatit all about? Whyn’t you tell me? If you told

me I might give you some advice too.

Alan: Aunt Gwengot a legacy, Amy. This letter from her solicitor in Australia . Her cousin thereleft her a small sheep farm. 

Amy: A sheep farm in Australia? How peculiar! It would  much simpler if itin this country.

Aunt Gwen: If I20 years younger I wouldn’t hesitate to go out

there and run the farm (to run a farm - держать ферму) myself.

Alan: If Iyou, aunt Gwen, I would instruct the lawyer to sell the

farm, and I would spend the money on a good holiday abroad.

Amy:  And if Iyou, aunty, would see the farm before I sold it.

Aunt Gwen: If I had money to spare would do exactly as what you suggest, Amy. As it (- Но увы!), I think Ifollow Alan’s advice and sell the farm. I’ve no idea how much itworth. ( worth - стоить)


Alan: If you wrote to that lawyer and asked him he would tell you.

Aunt Gwen: Of course I’ll write to him. Meanwhile, In’t think you


need worry about the money you borrowed from me last year. I won’t need it now. n’t in a hurry ( in a hurry - торопиться) to

return it.

Alan: Thank you, aunt Gwen! That’s awfully good of you! (Очень благородно с твоей стороны!)




What would aunt Gwen do, if she20 years younger? - Shewould go to Australia and run the farm herself.

Whawould Alan do with the money if heon aunt Gwen’s place? -

Hwould spend it on a good holiday abroad.


Whawould Amy do if sheaunt Gwen? - Shwould want to see the

farm first.

Whawould aunt Gwen do if she had money to spare? - Shwould do as

Amy suggested.

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