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Sample Sidebar Module

This is a sample module published to the sidebar_bottom position, using the -sidebar module class suffix. There is also a sidebar_top position below the search.
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                           89. THE STOLEN BICYCLE


Officer: Excuse me, madam.

Amy: Oh sergeant, you’ve come to learn about Mrs Miller’s bicycle, haven’t you? The one thatstolen this morning.

Officer: That’s right, madam. Now,you kindly answer a few questions, please?

Amy: Why, of course.

Officer:Whatwereyou doing at seven thirty this morning?

Amy: At seven thirty you said? Iwascooking breakfast in the kitchen. My husband was just getting up and my sisterstill asleep.


Officer:You couldn’t see Mr Miller’s porch from your kitchen

window, could you, madam?

Amy: No, I couldn’t. The window looks out on the back garden. I can

only see a part of their porch from my dining room window.

Officer:Andyou in the dining room at all at that time, madam?

Amy: Wewerehaving breakfast there at about eight.

Officer:the bicycle still in the porch then?

Amy: Isorry, sergeant, I n’t know. Wen’t look.

Officer:you hear anything?


Amy: I think I heard the Millers’ gate open and close. But I thought that Mrs Millerwasgoing out.

Officer: Perhaps, your husband noticed something as hewasleaving

the house?

Amy: My husband? In’t think he, sergeant. He

busy trying to start the car. And believe me, sergeant, STARTING our cara full time job (нелегкое дело).



What wasAmy doing at seven thirty? – She wascooking breakfast.

What wasAlan doing? – He wasjust getting up.

What wereAlan and Amy doing about eight? – They werehaving breakfast.

Where werethey having breakfast? - They werehaving breakfast in

the dining room.

Could Amy see Mr Miller’s porch from her kitchen window? - No,

she couldn’t.

Why? – Because the window looks out on (to look out on smwhere. -

выходить на какую-л. сторону) the back garden.      

Amy hear anything? - She heard the Millers’ gate open and close.

Whatshe think it was? – She thought Mrs Miller wasgoing out.

Alan notice anything as he wasleaving the house? – No, he n’t. He wastrying to start the car.


                              90. THE BICYCLE is FOUND

Amy: I’ve to see Mrs Miller.

Alan: Oh,you? What about their bicycle? they found it?

Amy: Yes, they. Itwasfound this morning. Or rather it was



Alan: Returned?


Amy: Yes, they found it standing in the porch as usual.

Alan: So theyn’t even know who took it yesterday?

Amy: Oh, yes, they. The thieffound too.

Alan: Well, whoit?

Amy: A young boy about 13 (thirteen). He wascaught this morning as he wasleaving the Millers’ garden. He wastaken to the police station,

but they let him go later.


Alan: You say he returned the bicycle?

Amy: He says hen’t want to steal it. He just wanted to ride.


Alan: That’s probably true.

Amy: But a bicycle ridemuch fun he says. Next time, hsays, heborrow a motorbike.


Alan: The young rascal! They ought to teach him a lesson. What the Millers going to do about it? 


Amy: Nothing. Mrs Millerthe boy’s mother. She says she

quite understands her feelings.

Alan: She probably. The Millers have a lot of trouble with

their own boy.

Amy: Yes, theyquite worried. He isalways getting into

scrapes (to get into scrapes - влипнуть в историю).

Alan: It’s their own faults! Theynot strict enough with him. They’ve spoiling him for years.

Amy: Oh, Alan, now you aregetting on your hobbyhorse (to get on hobbyhorse - садиться на своего конька) again. Teenagersthe

problem all over the world these days. You ought to know that.



the bicyclefound? – Yes, it.

When wasit found? – This morning.

the thief caught? – Yes, he.

When washe caught? – He wascaught as he wasleaving the Millers’ garden.

Where washe taken? – To the police station.

Whothe thief? – A young boy of about 13.

Whathe say about TAKING the bicycle? – He says he

n’t want to steal it.

Whyhe take it? – He just wanted to ride.

Mrs Miller seen the boy’s mother? – Yes, she.

Whatshe say? – She says she quite understands her feelings.




                              91. THE HOTEL

Sergei: Good morning!


Hotel booking: Good morning sir!


Sergei: I’d like to book a single room.


Hotel booking: For tonight?


Sergei: No, for next Sunday.


Hotel booking: Let me see… Yes, we still have one single room

vacant on Sunday. A very nice room with a bath on the second floor.

Sergei: How muchyou charge for a single room with a bath?


Hotel booking: 45 pounds a night.

Sergei: isbreakfast included?


Hotel booking: Yes, bed and breakfast.

Sergei: A..a.a…n’t you got any cheaper rooms?

Hotel booking: Yes, wehave a few rooms without a bath but I’m afraid thereno vacant rooms on Sunday. Theyalways

booked up at weekends.

Sergei: you expect any cancellations?

Hotel booking: Well, nothing’s cancelled so far. I can’t promise you anything.

Sergei: Oh well, I think I’ll have to take that room on the second

floor. But itrather more than I expected.


Hotel booking: What name shall I write then?

Sergei: Actually In’t want a room for myself. I wasasked to arrange the reservation by my professor. The nameDr Richard Spitgate. Hewill becoming from Denver, USA.


Hotel booking: Dr Richard Spitgate, a single room with a bath, for Sunday night. Very well, sir. How long will beDr Richard Spitgate

bestaying with us?


Sergei: I’d like to book the room until Tuesday morning.


Hotel booking: Till Tuesday morning? Very well, thank you, sir.


Sergei: Thank you! Good bye!


Hotel booking: Good bye, sir!



How muchyou charge for a single room with a bath? - 45

pounds a night.

n’t you got any cheaper rooms? – Wen’t have any vacant on Sunday. Wealways booked up at weekend. And nothing’s cancelled so far.

I wasasked to make a BOOKING for Dr Richard Spitgate.

He will becoming from Denver, USA.

He’ll bestaying in London until Tuesday.

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