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Jeena: So yougoing to leave us quite soon, Sergei.

Sergei: In a few weeks. I’ve here for nearly nine months now,

you know. It’s time to go home.

Jeena: We’ll miss you. Would you like to come to England again?


Sergei: Of course, I would. But I expect my family would like me to

stay at home for a while.


Jeena: Well, I suppose so.

Sergei: In any case, Jeena, it’s your turn now to visit Russia. We’ll

love you to come and stay with us for sometime.

Jeena: Oh, Sergei,you really think I can pay you a visit in


Sergei: Why not? I’m sure it could bearranged.


Jeena: I’d love to see all the places you told me about. Particularly,

the Red Squre in Moscow and the Hermitage in Saint Petersburg. And

I’d like to meet you family, of course.


Sergei: I’d like them to meet all three of you. Perhaps, you could

spend a week or two with us in winter. Or the following summer. Talk it over with your parents, you?


Jeena: I’ll write my mother and father right away. I’m sure they’ll

agree. After all I’ve got some money of my own on my account. Now let me see. How muchthe ticket to Moscow?





-Would you like to come to England again?

-Would you like me to come? - I’d like you to visit us every year.

-I’d love to visit Russia.

-I certainly wouldlike you to visit Moscow.

-I’d like to meet your family.

-I’d like my family to meet you too.




                     84. ALAN HAS A COLD

Amy: Howyour cold, Alan? areyou feeling any better?

Alan: Better? I am feeling much worse.

Amy: you remember to take your temperature at five?

Alan: Yes, I. It 37.

Amy: But thatalmost normal.


Alan: I’m sure it’s much higher now.

Amy: In’t think so. Youn’t look so very ill.

Alan: How can you  so unfeeling, Amy? Youn’t tried anything about my cold. Whyn’t you call a doctor?

Amy: A doctor? With that cold? aren’t you making too much fuss

about your cold?

Alan: Really, Amy?  



Amy: All right, all right... But if I ring up a doctor he’ll want to know

about your temperature. And when I tell him it’s small he won’t come.

You’ll have to go and see him.

Alan: Nothing on earthdrag me out of the house. Tell him what

you like to get him here.

Amy: But when he comes and finds therenothing serious, he

won’t thank you for DRAGGING him out.


Alan: But can’t you say something serious? I tell you I’m feeling

worse and worse.

Amy: I know what Ido. I’ll call an ambulance. They

take you straight to hospital.


Alan: To hospital? With a slight cold?


Amy: Oh well, you never can tell. Lots of diseases start with a slight

cold. Measles, for example, or pneumonia.

Alan: Good heavens, Amy! n’t silly. My cold much better, can’t you see? I think Iget up for supper.




If I ring up a doctor he’ll want to know your temperature.


When I tell him it’s normal he won’t come.

If I tell him youvery ill hecome, of course.

But when he finds therenothing serious, he won’t thank you for

DRAGGING him out.

If I call an ambulance itnot take them long to take you straight

to hospital.



                              85. WHOSE KEYS?



Alan: you seen my keys anywhere, Amy? I’m sure I had them

this morning. I remember PUTTING them in my back pocket. Now I want to open the garage and theyn’t there.

Amy: n’t these yours?

Alan: These? No, mineon a different ring.

Amy: Well then, but whose keysthey? I found them on your


Alan: a cleaner here this morning? Theyprobably hers. But never mind that now! HowI get into the garage?


Amy: Look here, Alan. Can’t you borrow the Millers’ keys? Our garageexactly like theirs.

Alan: n’t funny, Amy. How can a key from their garage open ours? Every lockdifferent. (The telephone ring).

+208 347 65 53. Yes, yes. Good heavens! Oh, I’m awfully sorry, Smith. Yes, of course. I’ll there in ten minutes. Good. (Alan puts

down the phone).

Amy: What’s the matter, darling? Whoit?

Alan: ItSmith. The poor man can’t get into his flat. He left his

keys on my desk in the office this morning. And I took them by mistake. Those keys you’ve found his. And hegot mine.

Amy: Whatyou going to do then?



Alan: I’m going to drive to his place at once. He’s waiting for me in

front of his house.

Amy: But Alan, you can’t get the car out. Youn’t got the garage key. you forgotten that?





I can’t find my garage keys, Amy.

n’t these yours?

No, mineon a different ring.

Whose keysthey then?

n’t the cleaner here this morning? These keysprobably hers.

Can’t you borrow the Millers’ key, Alan? Our garageexactly like theirs.

How can the key of their garage fit ours? Every lockdifferent.

Smithjust called. Those keys you've found his, and he’s got mine.

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