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                         77. REPAIRING THE RADIO


Alan: What’s the matter with our radio? It worked all right last night.

And now listen! (CRACKLING and BUZZING from the radio)

Amy: What an awful noise! Turn it off, Alan.

Alan: In’t understand whathappened to this set. Who used it this morning? you turn it on, Amy?

Amy: No, In’t think I.

Alan: But whoplaying with it? Jeena?

Amy: I’ve no idea.

Alan: Oh, well. I’ll try to put it right. Give me that screwdriver over

there, Amy.

Amy: This one or the bigger one?

Alan: No, that smaller one. Give it to me. Thanks.

Amy:you really think you can repair the set, Alan?

Alan: Why not? There’s a book on radio repair in my desk. Could you

get it for me, Amy?

Amy: Of course!

Alan: Now, let me see. There’s a bad connection somewhere, I


Amy: Here’s your book, Alan.

Alan: Thanks! Yes! I think I know whatwrong. I want that

bigger screwdriver, please. Pass it to me, Amy. Well, now, it ought all right.

Amy: Well?

Alan: You see? The noisegone.

Amy: Yes, but there’s no sound at all!

Alan: Yes, that’s strange.

Amy: There’s a radio repair shop just round the corner.n’t you think…

Alan: Nonsense! I think it’s all right. Bring me a pair of pliers.

Amy: All right! I can’t find the pliers.  

Alan: Never mind, I’ve managed without them. I think it’s all right

now. There you! (The radio set is working again)

Amy: Oh, good, Alan! Thank you! Now perhaps, you look at the iron

and the washing machine.



-        Amy, give me that screwdriver over there.

-        Which one?

-        The small one. Please, give it to me.

-        Get me my book on radio repairs.

-        Whereit?

-        In my desk. Please, get it for me.


                          78. BOB SMILEYOFF AGAIN

Alan: Youoff again, Bob. Whereareyou going this time?

Bob: To Moscow, to a conference on science films.

Alan: Alone?

Bob: No, with Stanley Ashton. Hethe man who made The

Globe of a Cell, one of the best science films. Itwasshown on

television. Perhaps, you saw it.

Alan: No, I’m afraid, In’t. that the film which got the

first prize at some film festival lately?

Bob: No, In’t think so. But films which get international prizes not always the best.

Alan: you got your passport?


Bob: Yes, I’ve got everything: passport, visas, tickets. The people who aresending me to Moscowgot them all for me.

Alan:are you going by air?


Bob: Yes, I’m flying by the British Airways.

Alan: you know anyone in Moscow?

Bob: Yes, one or two people. I’ve written to a man whoin

India with me 3 years ago. A very nice fellow.

Alan: Whenareyou leaving?

Bob: Tomorrow at 9 a.m. from Heathrow.

Alan: I hope you’ll have a pleasant trip.

Bob: Thank you, very much.



Stanley Ashtonthe man who made the film The Globe of a Cell.

that the film which got the first prize at some film festival?

Films which get international prizesnot always the best.  

The people who aresending me to Moscow gotthe visas and tickets for me.

I’ve written to a man whoin India with me 3 years ago.




                          79. AMY IN HOSPITAL


Amy: What pretty flowers! Thank you, Alan!

Alan: I’m glad you like them. Howareyou staying (a hospital stay = a stay in hospital), Amy?

Amy: Imuch better. The doctor says Iammaking very good

progress (to make good progress – быстро идти на поправку).

Alan: That’s splendid! Iawfully worried about you. It all

happened so suddenly: your illness, then the operation.

Amy: Let’s forget it, Alan. My appendixout, and it’s all over


Alan: Shall  I bring you something to read?


Amy: Oh, yes! Please, do! The book that Jeena gave me yesterdaynot very interesting. Bring me some magazines.

Alan: Oh, that reminds me. Herethe periodical that aunt Gwen  gave me for you.


Amy: Show it to me. Dear me! A Cat Lover. How peculiar of aunt Gwen! Still you can leave it. Igive it to a nurse Jane Hoppkins, shea great cat lover.

Alan:that a nurse Imet with at the door?

Amy: No, that’s nurse Straightwoods. Nurse Hopkinsthe one I introduced you to yesterday.

Alan: Oh, I see. Tell me, Amy, they look after you well in


Amy: Oh, yes! All the nursesvery kind here, and they look after the patients very well indeed.

Alan: you give them much trouble? ( to give trouble -

причинять беспокойства)


Amy: Me? Certainly, not. They all say I’m a very patient patient.

Alan: You, Amy? Youthe most impatient woman I know.


Amy: That only shows how little you know me, darling.



The book that Jeena gave me yesterdaynot very interesting.

Herea periodical that aunt Gwen gave me for you.

The nurse youmet at the doornurse Straightwoods.

Nurse Hopkinsthe one I introduced to you yesterday.


WhereAmy now? – Shein hospital.

Howshe there? – Shemuch better.

they look after her well in hospital? – Yes, they. The

nurses look after the patients very well.

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