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                     74. SERGEI COMES BACK


Amy: Your teaready, Sergei. Now tell me, you have a pleasant journey back?

Mr Fyodorov: Yes, very pleasant. The train n’t crowded.

Amy: Good. But what about your stay in Birmingham? You wrote us a lot about your work but you n’t tell us about anything else. you have a comfortable room? the landlady nice?

Mr Fyodorov: Well, I n’t as warm and comfortable as I here but at least In’t freeze. I had a good electric fire in my room.

Amy: Yes, itvery cold last night, n’t it? This the worst winter in years.

Mr Fyodorov: In’t really expect such cold weather in England, you know. And In’t bring my winter coat from Russia.

Amy: Oh, Sergei, youcatch a cold. Perhaps, Alanlend

you a warm pullover.

Mr Fyodorov: That’s very nice of you, Amy. But pleasen’t worry. I have a very warm pullover. Besides, the weathermuch

warmer now.

Amy: At last!you have some more tea?


Mr Fyodorov: Yes, please!


Amy: And have another biscuit!

Mr Fyodorov: Thanks, theyvery good!

Amy: Talking about food. Whatyou do about meals in Birmingham?your landlady give you good breakfast?


Mr Fyodorov: Yes, not too bad. And I had lunch at the factory. For supper I tried lots of different cafes. But In’t enjoy the food.

You’ve spoiled me with your good COOKING.


Amy: Oh, Sergei, that’s just your Russian politeness. Finish your tea


and help me with the WASHING UP.





you freeze in Birmingham, Sergei? – No, I n’t.

Sergein’t freeze in Birmingham.

you expect such cold weather in England? – No, In’t.

Sergein’t expect such cold weather in England.

you bring your winter coat from Russia? – No, In’t.

Sergein’t bring his winter coat from Russia.

you enjoy your food in Birmingham? – No, In’t.

Sergein’t enjoy the food in Birmingham.



                       75. JEENALATE


Amy: Good heavens, Jeena! It’s a quarter to eight. Whereyou ? Whatyoudoing?

Jeena: I’ve  trying to get home.

Amy: Trying to get home? What timeyou leave school?

Jeena: At half past five. I had to stay an hour longer for tennis


Amy: You’ve had to stay late far too often lately. In’t like it.

Jeena: Well, I afraid I can’t help it, Amy. I have to stay longer if I want in a team.

Amy: Still, itn’t go till seven o’clock and it takes you only forty minutes to get home. Tell me the truth, Jeena. Whereyou

go from school?

Jeena: But Itelling you the truth! I went straight home. I left at half past five and took the tube. But the lineblocked to Camden Town.

Amy: Oh, I see. you have to wait a long time (to wait a long


time - прождать)?

Jeena: No, In’t. I got off the train and took a bus.


Amy: And went the wrong way, I suppose.

Jeena: Certainly not. I got off at Harley Street because therea

terrible traffic jam. I walked from there, or rather I ran.


Amy: All the way home?

Jeena: Yes.

Amy: Poor darling! You must exhausted! But whyn’t you call me? Iso worried.

Jeena: The battery ran flat.

Amy: Oh, I see. You know what, Jeena? n’t forget to charge

your mobile before you leave home. And always have a battery

charger at hand.




Whyyou back so late, Jeena? - I had to stay longer at school.


You’ve had to stay late far too often lately. - I have to stay longer if I want  in a team.


I left the school at 5.30 (half past five) and took the tube. But the line blocked to Camden Town. I had to walk all the way home.

Why n’t you call me? - The battery ran flat.




                  76. LET’S CHANGE THE SUBJECT


Jeena: May I take your scarf, Amy? Iin an awful hurry.

Amy: Yes, of course, darling!

Jeena: Youa dear! Thank you awfully! Now I must fly (Мне

надо бежать). Bye Alan, bye Sergei!

Alan: Jeena, wait! Where’re you going?

Jeena: n’t stop me, Alan. Let me go! I’ll tell you later. They arewaiting for me.

Alan: Jeena spends more and more time away from home.

Amy: Oh, let her do what she likes, Alan.n’t treat her as a child! Let her go out with her friends. Therenothing wrong in


Alan: Why can’t her friends come here sometimes? Let them have

their parties here. Let them play their rap records and dance all night if

they want to. At least we’ll know what they’re doing.


Sergei: Jeena seems a sensible girl. Let her some freedom, Alan.

Alan: No onesensible at 16. Besides, what can  you know about it, Sergei? Your daughteronly a baby. In ten years’ time yousee things differently.

Amy:n’t argue with him, Sergei. Let him grumble a little. He’ll

feel better in a moment.

Alan: And as for Jeena’s boyfriend…

Sergei: Oh, so therea boyfriend!


Amy: Oh, yes! Nick De Spon, a very nice boy.

Alan: Howyou know hea nice boy? You’ve only met

him once. Let him come here more often. Let him spend a weekend or

two with us. Let me talk to him. Let me see what he’s like. Let me…


Amy: Alan, dear, please! Let’s change the subject.



n’t rush away (to rush away - убегать), Jeena!

Oh, let me go, Alan!                                         

Let her do what she likes, Alan.  

Let her friends have their parties here.    

Let Jeena have some freedom, Alan.                                  

Let Alan grumble a little, Sergei.

And as for that Nick De Spon, let him come here more often. Let me

see what he’s like.

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