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                              71. AUNT GWEN’S STAY IN PARIS


Alan: Whyyou so late, Amy? Where’ve you ?

Amy: I’ve to see aunt Gwen.

Alan: Oh,she back from Paris?

Amy: But darling, she came back last month. n’t you

remember? I went to meet her at Victoria.

Alan: Oh well, howthe old girl? isshe thinking of GOING

abroad again?

Amy: Oh, In’t know. But she certainly liked Paris. She stayed at a private little hotel. Not at all expensive.

Alan: And she spent all her time SHOPPING, I suppose.

Amy: You mean window SHOPPING, n’t you? She couldn’t afford to buy clothes in Paris. Besides, shebusy

 SIGHTSEEING. She saw lots of interesting things. She went

to museums and old churches.

Alan: n’t tell me she interested in museums and old

churches. I won’t believe it.

Amy: Why not? You surely n’t think she spent time at night clubs. n’t look at everything from a man’s point of view,






Alan: aunt Gwen back from Paris? - Amy: But Alan, she

came back last month. I went to meet her at Victoria.

Alan: Well, what she think of Paris? – Amy: She liked it.

She stayed at a private little hotel.

Alan: And she spent her time SHOPPING, I suppose. – Amy: No, shebusy SIGHTSEEING. She saw lots of interesting things. She

went to museums and old churches.

Jeena: you heard from Sergei lately, Amy? – Amy: Yes, we

heard from him yesterday. He wrote us a long letter.

Amy: Bob talked to the Luises, Alan? – Alan: Yes, he talked to

them on Thursday. They agreed to let him the flat.




                              72. A TIRING DAY AT THE OFFICE


Alan: You know, Amy, I’ve had a very tiring day.

Amy: you? Tell me all about it.

Alan: To begin with, Smithan hour late.


Amy: An hour late? Why?

Alan: He told me a long story, but I think he just overslept. He probablyforgotten to set his alarm clock.

Amy: you very busy this morning?

Alan: Well, yes. Smith wasonly supposed to answer the phone, but

today I had to do all that.

Amy: there many e-mail inquires?


Alan: Well, not very many. But the telephone rang every few minutes

and I couldn’t do any work. And then I had a conference.


Amy: I know, you told me, at Cliffs and Sons.


Alan: Yes, it lasted till lunch time and nothing came of it. They gave

us a good lunch later. But I too cross to enjoy it. And then I

simply wasted the rest of the afternoon.


Amy: I did better. I stayed at home all day and yet I earned 50 pounds.

Alan: Whatyou mean?

Amy: I lost my ring last summer. you remember? We looked


everywhere and we couldn’t find it. Well, I’ve found it this morning.  you think it’s not worth fifty pounds?





What sort of dayAlan had? - He’s had a tiring day.

Smith in the office on time? – No, hean hour late.

Whyhe late? – Probably, he just overslept.

Why couldn’t Alan do any work? – Because the telephone rang every

few minutes.

Alan in the office all morning? – No, he had a conference at

Cliffs and Sons.

How longthe conference? – It lasted till lunch time.

it a success? – No, nothing came of it.

Why couldn’t Alan enjoy his lunch? – Hetoo cross to enjoy it.


Last summer Amy lost her ring. She looked everywhere and couldn’t

find it. She’s found it this morning.



                         73. DEBBY FLIES TO MOSCOW

Debby: Whatyou think, Amy? I’m flying to Moscow tomorrow. Ineverthere before.

Amy: How lovelyan airhostess. Youlucky, Debby.

you fly to Prague again last week?

Debby: Yes, I. I only stayed there for a few hours. But you

know, I met our old friend Yana.

Amy:you really?

DebbyYes, I . She came to see me at the airport. Shegot married.

Amy: she changed?

DebbyNo, not a bit, though shegot a three year old boy.

Amy: she bring the child with her?

DebbyNo, she n’t. But she showed me his pictures.

AmyWhenareyou flying to Prague again?

DebbyTuesday week, I expect.

AmyYou know, Iamenvying your job. You have a really

interesting life. You see so many places and  meet so many

interesting people.

DebbyBut thisnot an easy job. You know how tired I sometimes.

AmyAll the same, it’s not a bad job. I’d like to be an airhostess.

DebbyWell, and why n’t you apply, Amy?


AmyWell, you see…Oh, I know, know. It’s all right, but whatAlan say?




Debby fly to Prague last week? – Yes, she.

How longshe stay there? – Only a few hours.

Whoshe meet there? – She met her and Amy’s old friend Yana.

Yana bring her little child with her? – No, she n’t

What she show Debby? – Shshowed her her son’s pictures.

she changed? – No, not a bit.


You have a really interesting life, Debby. You see so many places. You meet so many interesting people. I amenvying your job.                                          

And why n’t you apply, Amy?                                      


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