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                               68. THE LUISES’ FLAT

Amy: Whatyou think, Alan? Bob like the Luises’ flat? Can we really recommend it to him?  he   comfortable there?

Alan: I think, he . It’s a nice flat. I’m sure itsuit him.

Amy: But the hallso small and dark and the roomsrather cold in winter.

Alan: Oh, yes. And those fire places, so old-fashioned.

Amy: You’ll freeze there in winter. After a long stay in Africa he’ll frightfully cold there.

Alan: n’t worry, Amy. He won’t freeze, he can use electric fires.

Amy: Electric fires won’t  good enough, I’m afraid. Those rooms quite big you know, Alan.



Alan: Oh, well. He can have paraffin stoves as well, I suppose.

Amy: And what about the floors in that flat? n’t they in a

rather bad state?

Alan: Oh, whatit matter? Theregood carpets in the rooms. I’m sure the Luises won’t take the carpets to Canada with them.

Amy: Well, perhaps you’re right. Oh, that reminds me. The Luisesonly going to Canada for one year. Bob want to rent a room for one year only?


Alan: Why not? I’m sure he won’t stay in England for long. He’ll soon away again, I expect. There’s another thing. I’m afraid, Mr Luismake a lot of fuss about that china and pictures.

Amy: He won’t, but his wife.

Alan: Oh, yes. Shean awful woman. Still, let’s hope Bobmanage her. After all he’s experienced with wild animals in Africa.




Whatyou think, Alan?Bob like the Luises’ flat? – I think, he .

But you’ll freeze there in winter. Thereonly old-fashioned fire places there. - He won’t freeze, heuse electric fires.

he want to rent a room for one year only? - I’m sure he won’t stay in England for long. He’ll soon away again.




                               69.  ABOUT BOB

Jeena: Tell me Alan. Your friend Bob Smiley, he must

frightfully interesting chap.

Alan: Well, yes, I suppose so.

Jeena: He’s travelled a lot,n’t he? he  to Africa?

Alan: Yes, he. Hethere last year.

Jeena: And he to Australia, n’t he?

Alan: Yes, he . Hethere two years ago. And before that hein Alaska.

Jeena: Lucky man. He does everything well, n’t he?

I’m surehe can shoot and ride and swim like a fish.

Alan: Certainly. He could swim when hefive and ride when heten.


Jeena: He’s had lots of interesting experiences, I suppose.

Alan: Yeah, rather. He had  an interesting life when hea boy. His father an explorer. He had  Bob with him on most of his expeditions. Bob can tell you a lot about them.


Jeena: How exciting! I’m sure he’s had some wonderful adventures.

Alan: He had his biggest adventure in India in 1983. Hethe only survivor in an airplane crash.

Jeena: Gosh! And to think that I n’t  anywhere.

Alan: Well, youin Jersey with your school last May. And two years ago weat Bruges together.


Jeena: Bruges? Of all the dull places!

Alan: n’t worry, Jeena. I’ll tell Bob Smiley to take you

with him on his next expedition.

Jeena: n’t pull my leg, Alan!





Jeena: Bob  to Africa? – Alan: Yes, he. He

there last year.

Jeena: He to Australia too, n’t he? - Alan: Yes, he. Hethere two years ago.

Jeena: He does everything well, n’t he? – Alan: Yes, he could swim when hefive. He could ride when heten. His fatheran explorer. He had  Bob with him on his


Jeena: And to think that In’t anywhere! – Alan: Well, youin Jersey last year. And two years ago wein Bruges together.




                               70.  THE COLDEST PLACE ON EARTH

Jeena: Youtravelled all over Africa, Bob. you to Egypt to see the pyramids?

Bob: Yes, I there last year on my way to Sudan. But I had no time to see the pyramids.


Jeena: No time to see the pyramids?

Bob: Well, you see, Ithere on the expedition.

Jeena: What kind of expedition?

Bob: To study birds on an isle. Wein a hurry because the rainy season n’t far off. We couldn’t afford to lose a single day.

Jeena: it very hot?


Bob: Yes, rather. We couldn’t work at all in the middle of the day. Itn’t so bad in the morning and in the evening, and the nights n’t hot at all.

Jeena: I hate hot weather. you long in Sudan, Bob?

Bob: About two months.

Jeena:  you glad to leave it?

Bob: Not particularly. I had a very interesting time there.

Jeena: Oh, andyou travelled in cold countries?

Bob: Oh yes. Iin Alaska three years ago.

Jeena: it very cold there?

Bob: Yes, rather. But I know some colder places.

Jeena:you? Where, for example?

Bob: Well, England on a foggy morning in December.



Bob  to Egypt? – Yes, he.

Whenhe there? – Hethere last year.

Whyhe there? – Hethere on an expedition.

What kind of an expeditionit? – Itan expedition

to study birds on an isle.

Why couldn’t he see the pyramids? – Because the expeditionin a hurry.

Why  they in a hurry? – Because the rain season

not far off.


Why couldn’t they work in the middle of the day? – Because ittoo hot.

Bob travelled in cold countries? – Yes, he.

Where? – In Alaska.

When he there? – Three years ago.

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