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Sample Sidebar Module

This is a sample module published to the sidebar_bottom position, using the -sidebar module class suffix. There is also a sidebar_top position below the search.
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Debby: Youaresmoking again, Alan. You really smoke far too much.

Alan: But Ismoke only 10 cigarettes a day, Debby.

Debby: That’s too many.

Alan: Some peoplesmoke 15 or more.

Debby: Never mind other people. You oughtn’t to smoke more than 5. And what’s more, you drink much coffee.

Alan: But Debby, you drink far more. I only drink a few cups a day. You drink 3 (three) or 4 (four).

Debby: Yes, but coffeegood for me. Butn’t good for you. It makes you nervous.

Alan: Nervous… n’tsilly, Debby. Inot at all nervous.

Debby: Yes, you. That’s why you drive too fast.

Alan: But Debby, I …

Debby: And thatnot all. You work too much. You sit up and read till 2 (two) or 3 (three) in the morning. And that’s why you get up too late. I must speak to Amy about you.

Alan: Debby,…

Debby: Stop SAYING “But Betty”, reform.


Debby: n’t smoke so much, Alan. - You smoke too much.

Debby: n’t drink so much coffee, Alan. - You drink too much coffee.

Debby: n’t drive so fast, Alan. - You drive too fast.

Debby: n’t work so much, Alan. - You work too much.

Debby: n’t sit up so long, Alan. - You sit up too long.

Debby: n’t get up so late, Alan. - You get up too late.


amlearning English now. I learn English every day.

Iamlistening to the record now. I listen to records every day.

I’m doing an exercise now. I do exercises every day.

                       39. THE LECTURE AT THE FILM CLUB

Debby: Hurry up, Amy, we mustn’tlate. The lecture begins at 8 (eight).

Amy: Oh, dear, I’m so sleepy tonight. Whatthe title of the lecture? I’ve forgotten.

Debby:The Beginning Of The Cinema.

Amy: Oh, yes, by Doctor… What’s his name?

Debby: Clark.

Amy: Clark.that the old man with a boring voice? I’m afraid he’s going very dull.

Debby: Inot. Let’sgoing.

Amy: you got the invitations?

Debby: Yes, theyin my bag. Wait a minute, here they!

Amy: You’ve dropped something, Debby. Oh, a photograph. Whothis good looking young man?

Debby: Well, he lives in Chelsea.

Amy: In Chelsea?

Debby: Yes. And he works at the British Film Institute.

Amy: But whohe?

Debby: n’t you interrupt. He drives the beautiful Jaguar.

Amy: Never mind his Jaguar. Whohe, Debby?

Debby: He's got a charming voice. But his gowns extremely well.

Amy: Stop TEASING me, Debby. Tell me his name.

Debby: ThatDoctor Clark. Look, herehis autograph.

Amy: Oh, hurry up, Debby. We mustn’tlate. The lecture begins at 8 (eight)


I live in London. Alan lives in London.

I work in an office. He works in an office.

I go to work by tube. He goes to work by tube.

I come back home at about 6 (six) o’clock. – He comes back home at about 6 (six) o’clock.

                                           40. THAT FELLOW SMITH


Amy: You look annoyed, Alan. What’s the matter? Something wrong at the office?

AlanOh, it’s that fellow Smith.

Amy: Whathe done now?

AlanIt’s the old story again. He interferes with my work all the time. I’m not going to put up with it any longer.

Amy: Perhaps, he wants to be helpful.

AlanNonsense. He does it to show off.

Amy: He wants to get promotion, I suppose.

AlanOf course. But I know my job and I hate interference.

Amy:he good as his work?

AlanI think, he’s a fool. But he humors the manager and old Bruce likes it.

Amy: Well, whatyou going to do about it?

AlanI’m going to talk to Bruce.

Amy: Why not to talk with Smith first?

AlanThatnot so simple. Hea difficult man.

Amy: Still you ought to try, I think. You can always go and talk to Bruce later.

AlanPerhaps, youright, Amy. I’m going to try.

Amy: Fine. Let’s have supper now. I’ve made spaghetti bolognaise



Amy: What’s the matter, Alan?

AlanSmith interferes with my work.

Amy: Whatyou going to do about it?

AlanI’m going to talk to Bruce.


Amy: You look annoyed, Alan. - Alan looks annoyed.

AlanI work hard. - Alan works hard.

AlanI know my job. - Alan knows his job.

AlanI hate interference. - Alan hates interference.

AlanI think, Smitha fool. - He thinks, Smitha fool.

AlanI want to talk to Bruce about it. - He wants to talk to Bruce about it.

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