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                                35. AT WATERLOO STATION

AlanDash this timetable. I can’t find the Richmond trains in it.

Amy: We needn’t go by train. It’d cheaper by coach.

AlanOh, well, the cheapest thing to doto stay at home of course.

Amy: But darling, we really must spend Sunday in the fresh air.

AlanThat’s a nuisance that our carout of order. But never mind. Let’s find out about those trains.

Amy: The simplest thingto ask at the information desk. It’s over there. Let’s go and ask.

AlanExcuse me, what timethe earliest train to Richmond?

Inf. Desk Assistant: 6:35 a.m., sir.

AlanNo, that’s too early.

Inf. Desk Assistant: The next oneat 11:30.

AlanAnd whichthe fastest train?

Inf. Desk Assistant: The fastest trainat 3:28 p.m.

Amy: Oh, thattoo late for us. We must take an earlier train.

Alan: there any cheap day return tickets to Richmond?

Inf. Desk Assistant: Yes, there. On Sundays.

AlanThat’s all right. Wearegoing on Sunday.

Inf. Desk Assistant: Well, I’m afraid the Sunday timetablequite different.

AlanReally? Then we must start over again, I suppose. Whatthe earliest train to Richmond on Sundays?


Alan: It’s a nuisance that our carout of order.

Amy: We really must spend Sunday in the fresh air.

Alan: Let’s find out about the trains.

Amy: The simplest thingto ask at the information desk.


Whatthe earliest train to Richmond? - The earliest train at 6:35 a.m.

What timethe fastest train? - The fastest trainat 3:28 p.m.

Whichcheaper, to go by train or to go by coach? - It’s cheaper to go by coach.

Whatthe cheapest thing to do? - The cheapest thing to stay at home.

                                           36. THE LAST BUS

AlanDash, nuisance! The last bus, we’ve missed it!

Amy: The last bus? it so very late?

AlanYes, 11:15 (a quarter past eleven).

Amy: Don’t worry, darling. We can wait for a night bus.

AlanThereno night buses on this route.

Amy: Really? Let’s take a taxi, then. There’s a taxi rank round the corner.

AlanBut thereno taxis in it.

Amy: Oh, dear! Perhaps, we can take the tube.

AlanYeah. That’s the only thing to do. But thereno station near here. We must walk to Archway, I’m afraid.

Amy: it far?

AlanAbout a mile from here.

Amy: Oh, well, let’s hurry then. There’s no time to lose.

Alan Yes, we mustn’t miss the last train.

Amy: Alan, look, a busiscoming.

AlanA bus? How’s that?

Driver: Hurry on, please.

AlanLet’s go on top.

Amy: Oh no, darling. I’m tired. Besides, there’s no need to go on top. There’s plenty of room inside.

AlanAll right.

Bus conductor: Fares, please.

AlanThree ninety, please.

Bus conductor: Here you, sir.

AlanBy the way,this a night bus?

Bus conductor: No sir.

AlanWhat timeit, then?

Bus conductor: 11(eleven) o’clock.

Alan11(eleven)? My watch must fast. Yes, it20 minutes fast.


Why can’t Alan and Amy wait for a night bus? - Because there no night buses on this route.

Why can’t they take a taxi? - Because thereno taxis on the taxi rank.

Can they take the tube? - Yes, they can.

Why must have walk to Archway? - Because there’s no tube station nearby.

Why must they hurry? - Because there’s no time to lose.


Hurry on, please!

Let’s go on top.

Amy: There’s a plenty room inside.

Fares, please.

Two to Kingstone, please.


                                           37. A RIDE IN THE CAR

AlanLook, Amy, wearedoing fifty five. Not a bad effort!

Amy:careful, Alan, Don’t drive so fast. The car5 years old. Don’t forget that.

AlanNonsense! 55 miles an hour n’t fast. And the roadvery good. Don’t worry, Amy!

Amy: careful, darling, there’s a bent. Don’t accelerate.

AlanBut I must overtake that bus. It’s going to stop.

Amy: What’s that?

AlanI have no idea. I must stop and have a look.

Amy: Don’t stop here. The roadtoo narrow.

AlanGood heavens, Amy. areyou driving this car or amI?

Amy: All right, all right, darling. I’m only trying to help.

AlanOh, dash it! Now, we’re in a fix! It must those plugs again.

Amy: Never mind, therea garage near hear. Let’s push the car there.

Alan: you really going out and push?

Amy: Of course, I. Itnot the first time, it?


AlanLook, we aredoing fifty five. - Amy: Don’t drive so fast, Alan!

Amy: There’s a bent. Don’t accelerate!

AlanIgoing to overtake this bus. - Amy: Don’t overtake now!

AlanI must stop the car. - Amy: Don’t stop here!

AlanNow, wein a fix. - Amy: Don’t worry, Alan!


How fasis Alan driving? - Heisdriving 55 miles per hour.

How oldhis car? - It5 years old.

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