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                                   23. JEENA IS GOING AWAY

Debby: Hallo, Amy.

AmyHallo, Debby. I’m sorry about the mess. Jeenaisgoing away. She’s packing her things now.

Debby: Oh, I see. Where’s she going?

AmyShe’s going to Devon, to stay with our parents. Oh, here she.

Jeena: Hallo, Debby. How nice to see you!

Debby: Hallo, Jeena.

AmyYou must hurry, Jeena. It’s late. Where’s your ticket?

Jeena: I have it in my pocket.

AmyYou may lose it. Put it in your bag.

Jeena: All right.

AmyWhere’s your suitcase?

Jeena: Here.

Debby: It’s very nice.

Jeena: Oh, it n’t my suitcase. It’s Amy’s.

Debby: areyou taking that backpack, Jeena? It’s lovely.

Jeena: Yes, it. But it n’t my backpack, it’s Alan’s.

Amy:isyour suitcase packed?

Jeena: Yes, all my thingsarepacked. But I can’t close my suitcase. It’s too full.

AmyLet’s sit on it. Here, it’s closed now.

Debby: You ought to lock it, Jeena.

Jeena: I can’t lock it.

AmyWhy? Wherethe key?

Jeena: It’s lost, Iafraid.

Amy: you sure? What’s that key on the radio?

Jeena: What? Where? Oh, of course, that’s the key… Here we. Now the case islocked.

Amy: you ready now, Jeena? Alan’s waiting in the car.

Jeena: Iready. But wheremy scarf?

AmyJeena, you really must hurry. It’s late. Your trainin twenty minutes.

Jeena: But I can’t find my scarf.

Debby: Take my scarf, Jeena.

Jeena: Oh, Debby, can I really?

Debby: Yes, of course. Take it.

Jeena: Younice, Debby. Thank you. Good bye, Debby. Good bye, Amy.

Debby: Good bye, Jeena, and good luck.


WhereisJeena going? – Sheisgoing to Devon.

Whyisshe going there? – Sheisgoing to stay with her parents.

Whose suitcaseisshe taking? – Sheistaking Amy’s suitcase.

Whose backpackisshe taking? - Sheistaking Alan’s backpack.

isher suitcase packed? - Yes, it is.

Why can’t she lock it? – Because the keyislost.


                                   24. A DRIVING LESSON

AlanCareful, Amy, we're driving to a crossroads. Look at that big car! It’s going to turn right.

AmyYes, I can see that.

AlanNow it’s turning. So slow down a little.

AmyAll right.

AlanWell, it’s turned (=turned) the corner now. The roadclear, you can accelerate.

AmyOh, good.

AlanOh no, not so fast. Wearecoming to a level crossing.

AmyThe gatesclosed. Oh, bother. I’m stopped(?), I suppose. Now then, where’s my lipstick?

AlanLook Amy, a maniscoming. Hegoing to open the gates. Get ready to go.

AmyBut I can’t find my lipstick.

AlanNever mind your lipstick! Look, the manisopening the gates.

AmyAll right, Iready.

AlanYou can go now. Heopened them.

AmyReally, Alan. You needn’t tell me that.

AlanBut you mustn’t go fast here. Those childrenaregoing to cross the road, I think.

AmyYes, you’re right. Theyarecrossing it now.

AlanYou can accelerate again. Theycrossed over.

AmyNo, I can’t. I must stop.

AlanWhy? What’s wrong?

AmyI really must find my lipstick, Alan.


Careful, Amy. That big cargoing to turn right. Slow down.

It’s just turned (=turned) the corner now. You can accelerate.

Wearecoming to a level crossing now. You must stop at the gates.

The manopened the gates. Get ready to go.

                                      25. PORRIDGE IS GOOD FOR YOU

AmyWhereyou, Alan?

AlanIin the bathroom.

AmyWhat? areyou still having your bath?

AlanNo, I’m finished. I’m shaving now.

AmyYou must hurry, it’s late. Oh, here youat last.

Alan:breakfast ready? What’re you cooking?


Alan: Porridge…Must I have porridge? What about some tomato juice?

Amy:Porridgegood for you, darling. Here, eat your porridge. You can have some tomato juice later. And I’ve fried (=fried) some bacon and eggs for you.

AlanFine.  you made any toasts?

Amy:Yes, I. Here you. Toasts, butter, marmalade, sugar and here’s your porridge.

AlanWhat about your breakfast, Amy?

Amy:I’ve had (=had) my breakfast, thank you, darling.

Alan: you had your porridge today?

Amy:Well…no, I n’t. I’ve only had tea and toast.

AlanOh, Amy, but you must have your porridge. Porridgegood for you


Whereyou, Alan?

I’m in the bathroom. I’m shaving.breakfast ready?

Yes, I’ve cooked (=cooked) some porridge.

you made any toast? - Yes, I .

you had breakfast? - Yes, I .

you had any porridge today? - No, I n’t.


Amy had breakfast? – Yes, she.

she had any bacon and eggs today? – No, she n’t.

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