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                               Диалог 20. GOOD ADVICE

AlanWhat about your holiday, Debby? Whereareyou going this year?

Debby: Oh, well, I’m not sure yet. The Woodsaregoing to Spain and France in their car. I may go with them.

AlanThat’s a good idea! Can you drive, Debby?

Debby: Not too well, I'm afraid.

AmyYou ought to practice. Then you and the Woods can drive in turn. But you must improve before you try to drive to Spain.

Debby: Can you drive, Amy?

AmyNo, I can’t. But I’m learning. Alan’s teaching me.

AlanCan you play chess, Debby?

Debby: No, I can’t.

AlanThat’s a pity. The Woodsvery fond of chess.

AmyYes, Debby. You ought to learn to play.

Debby: Can you play chess, Amy?

AmyI can’t, but Iamtrying to learn.

AlanCan you speak Spanish, Debby?

Debby: Yes, a little.

AmyWell, you ought to improve your Spanish before you go to Spain.

Debby: I have too little time. Besides, Iamlearning Russian now.

AmyOh, Alan, you ought to learn Russian too. It’s very useful. We may go to Russia on our holiday.

Debby: Can you speak Russian, Amy?

AmyOf course, I can’t. But I’m very good at GIVING advice, Debby.


WhereisDebby going this summer? – She may go to Spain and France.

What ought she to practice? – She ought to practice DRIVING.

What languages can she speak? – She can speak French and a little Spanish.

Whoisteaching Amy to drive? – Alanis.

Whofond of chess? – The Woods.

Whoislearning Russian? – Debbyis.

Whogood at giving advice? – Amy.


                                   21. ABOUT OLD CLOTHES

Jeena: Whatyou going (to BE going to do smth.- собираться что-л. делать) to do with all these old clothes, Amy?

AmyI’m going to give them away (to give smth. away - раздавать что-л. бесплатно). But I must go through them (to go through - тщательно разбирать) first. You can help me if you like.

Jeena: Good.

AmyThis dress, for example. It’s out of fashion (to BE out of fashion - выходить из моды), of course. But it’s still (все еще) quite good (to BE good - хороший). I can send it to old Mrs Black. Now this summer coat. It’s out of fashion too.

Jeena: you going to give it away, too?

AmyNo, I can still wear (to wear - носить) it. I must alter (to alter - исправлять что-л.) it a little to wear, that’s all. Now let’s (=let us - давай) have a look (to have a look - посмотреть; поглядеть) at this jacket (= пиджак).

Jeena: Well, what about it (= Ну а с ним как?)?

AmyAlanfond of it. Hegoing to wear it at least (как минимум) another year, I’m sure (to BE sure - быть уверенным).

Jeena: And these trousers (брюки)?he going to wear them too?

Amy: Hum.., theytoo old and shabby (потрепаный). Let’s give them away. We needn’t tell Alan.

Jeena: Look here, Amy. Can I have these trousers?

AmyWhat?you crazy, Jeena? You can’t wear trousers like  that (такие).

Jeena: I’m not going to wear them. I’m going to take them to school.

AmyWhat for? 

Jeena: Ineed them for our school play (a play - постановка). We’re going to play Hamlet next term.

AmyBut you can’t have trousers like these to play Hamlet.

Jeena: Oh yes (), we can. It’s going Hamlet in modern (современный) dress.


WhatAmy going to do with all her old clothes? - She’s going to give them away.

What must she do first? - She must go through them first.

Whatshe going to do with her summer coat? – Shegoing to alter it and wear.

What about Alan’s old jacket? – Hegoing to wear it for another year.

WhatJeena going to do with Alan’s old trousers? – She’s going to take them to school.

What for? – She’s going to use them for their school play.


                                   22. GOING TO A RESTAURANTE

AlanHere we , The Seven Sisters. It’s a good place.

AmyGood. Let’s go in.

AlanWait a minute. The menuin the window. Let’s have a look at it before GOING in.

AmyAll right. Whatthey got? Tomato soup, clear soup (бульон). Oh,you going to have a soup at all, Alan? Why not start with fruit juice?

AlanGood. Let’s have fruit juice.

AmyAnd then…Perhaps, fish.

AlanFish and chips. They have very good fried fish here.

AmyAll right, that’s settled. Now, whatwe going to have for sweet (= sweet course)? Fruit salad?

AlanWhat about apple pie?

AmyVery well, apple pie for you and fruit salad for me.

AlanWell, now let’s go in.

AmyBut Alan, the placeclosed.

AlanClosed? It can’t.

AmyYes, look at the notice on the door. “Closed for alterations”.

AlanOh, dash it.


WhereAlan and Amy going to have lunch? – Theygoing to have lunch at a restaurant.

Whatthey going to have first? – Theygoing to start with fruit juice.

they going to have soup? – No, they aren’t.

Whatthey going to have next? – Theygoing to have fried fish and chips.

What is Amy going to have for a sweet? – She’s going to have fruit salad.

WhatAlan going to have? – He’s going to have apple pie.

But can they have lunch at The Seven Sisters? – No, they can’t.

Why not? – Because the placeclosed for alterations.

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