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                           Диалог 17. DECORATING

AlanYou have some blue paint in your hair, Jeena.

Jeena: Blue paint? Oh, that. It’s from the ceiling.

AlanFrom the ceiling?

Jeena: Yes. Martha Greenisdecorating her room and I’m helping her.

AlanWhoMartha Green?

Jeena: She’s a girl from my class. We’re decorating her room and I’m painting the ceiling now.

Alan:are you painting it blue?

Jeena: Yes.

AlanAnd what colourthe walls?

Jeena: Oh, each wall has a different colour: onewhite, oneblack, onered, and onegreen.

AlanAnd the dooryellow, I suppose.

Jeena: No it isn’t. The windowsyellow. The doorpink.

AlanHum..The ceilingblue, the wallswhite, black, red, and yellow

Jeena: No, Alan, green.

AlanAh, the dooryellow.

Jeena: Pink, Alan, pink. The windowsyellow.

AlanAll right. The windowsyellow. And what colourthe floor?

Jeena: It isn’t ready yet. I can paint it dark grey, I suppose.

AlanOh, no, Jeena. Paint it in stripes. Black, red and yellow.

Jeena: That’s a very good idea, Alan. Come and help us.

AlanBut surely Martha’s father can help you.

Jeena: Martha’s father? No, he can’t. He and her motheraway. Theyon holiday. Wearedecorating the room as a surprise for them.

AlanGood heavens!


What Martha and Jeenaaredoing? – Theyaredecorating Martha’s room.

What colourthe ceiling? – It’s blue.

What colourthe walls? – Onewhite, onered, one black, and onegreen.

What colourthe windows? – Theyyellow.

What colourthe door? - It’s pink.

WhereMartha’s father and mother? – Theyaway on holiday.


                      Диалог 18.    AN ESSAY ON A DAY IN SPRING

AlanListen, Amy. What can you say about the sky? It’s blue, there white clouds in it. And what else?

AmyIt can alsogrey and clouded. But whyareyou asking? areyou doing a crossword puzzle?

AlanEr… no.

AmyWhatareyou doing then?

AlanI am…er, Iamwriting Jeena’s essay for her. It’s her homework for tomorrow.

AmyWhat? Alan, you mustn’t do things like that.

AlanBut the poor girlso tired after our ping-pong match.


AlanIt’s an essay on “A day in spring”. And she can’t do it. Shetoo sleepy.

AmyCan you do it, darling?

AlanOf course, I can. Listen. It’s a lovely spring morning. The sky blue

AmyBut the sky in spring needn’tblue at all. It can grey and clouded.

AlanWait. The sunisshining.

AmyNo, it isn’t. It’s raining.

AlanLook here, Amy. areyou writing this essay oramI? In my essay the sunisshining and the skyblue. Springa very pleasant season.

AmyIt n’t pleasant for me. Look at my spring coat.

AlanWhat’s about it?

AmyIt’s old and out of fashion.

AlanIs it?

AmyOf course it. Can’t you see, Alan?

AlanWell, darling. Then let’s go and buy you a new coat tomorrow.


Iamwriting Jeena’s essay for her. It’s an essay on a day in spring.

AmyYou mustn’t do things like that.

But the poor girlso tired and sleepy.

What can you say about the sky?

AmyTherewhite clouds in it. The sun isshining.

What else?

AmyThe sky can alsogrey and clouded. It can beraining. And my spring coatout of fashion.


                               Диалог 19. HOBBIES

Jeena: Oh, hello, Alan. Here’s a letter for you.

AlanThank you, Jeena.

Jeena: It’s from Spain. Look at these stamps: theyvery nice. Can you give me the stamps?

Alan: COLLECTING stamps your new hobby?

Jeena: No, it n’t. But Martha, my friend very keen on it ( keen on smth. - увлекаться чем.-то).

AlanAnd your hobby CHATTING in the internet with your friends all over the world, n’t it?

Jeena: Yes.

AlanAnd LEARNING Russian…

Jeena: Eh, um.., yes. But Russianvery difficult.

AlanI’m sure it.

Jeena: I’m making a very slow progress. And Alice Cook so good at LEARNING languages ( good at smth. - что-то здорово получается). Sheislearning Russian as well is much better at it.

AlanWhoAlice Cook?

Jeena: A girl from our class.

AlanWell, and what about the other girls’ hobbies?

Jeena: Oh, COLLECTING records or films, DANCING. Some girls keen on sport: on SWIMMING or SNOWBOARDING.

AlanOh, well, sportall right, of course, but CHATTING with friendsa very good hobby, I think. You can learn about something about other people and understand other languages better.

Jeena: Yes, Alan. But what about the stamps for Martha?

AlanOh, of course you can take them Jeena.


WhatMartha’s hobby? – Her hobbyCOLLECTING stamps.

WhatAlice’s hobby? - Her hobbyLEARNING languages.

WhatJeena’s hobby? - Her hobbyCHATTING in the internet with her friends all over the world.

Whather other friends’ hobbies? – Their hobbiesCOLLECTING records or films, DANCING, SWIMMING or SNOWBOARDING.

isJeena making good progress with Russian? – No, she isn’t.

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