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Диалоги: слушаем, переводим

                       68. THE LUIS’S FLAT

Amy: Whatyou think, Alan? Bob like the Luis’s flat? Can we really recommend it to him?  he   comfortable there?

Alan: I think, he . It’s a nice flat. I’m sure itsuit him.

Amy: But the hallso small and dark and the roomsrather cold in winter.

Alan: Oh, yes. And those fire places, so old-fashioned.

Amy: You’ll freeze there in winter. After a long stay in Africa he’ll  frightfully cold there.

Alan: n’t worry, Amy. He won’t freeze, he can use electric fires.

Amy: Electric fires won’t  good enough, I’m afraid. Those rooms quite big you know, Alan.

Alan: Oh, well. He can have paraffin stoves as well, I suppose.

Amy: And what about the floors in that flat? n’t they in a rather bad state?

Alan: Oh, whatit matter? Theregood carpets in the rooms. I’m sure the Luis won’t take the carpets to Canada with them.

Amy: Well, perhaps you’re right. Oh, that reminds me. The Luisesonly going to Canada for one year. Bob want to rent a room for one year only?

Alan: Why not? I’m sure he won’t stay in England for long. He’ll soon  away again, I expect. There’s another thing. I’m afraid, Mr Luismake a lot of fuss about that china and pictures.

Amy: He won’t, but his wife.

Alan: Oh, yes. Shean awful woman. Still, let’s hope Bobmanage her. After all he’s experienced with wild animals in Africa.


Whatyou think, Alan?Bob like the Luis’s flat? – I think, he .

But you’ll freeze there in winter. Thereonly old-fashioned fire places there. - He won’t freeze, heuse electric fires.

he want to rent a room for one year only? - I’m sure he won’t stay in England for long. He’ll soon  away again.



                               69.  ABOUT BOB

Jeena: Tell me Alan. Your friend Bob Green, he must  frightfully interesting chap.

Alan: Well, yes, I suppose so.

Jeena: He’s travelled a lot,n’t he? he  to Africa?

Alan: Yes, he. Hethere last year.

Jeena: And he to Australia, n’t he?

Alan: Yes, he . Hethere two years ago. And before that hein Alaska.

Jeena: Lucky man. He does everything well, n’t he? I’m sure he can shoot and ride and swim like a fish.

Alan: Certainly. He could swim when hefive and ride when heten.

Jeena: He’s had lots of interesting experiences, I suppose.

Alan: Yeah, rather. He had  an interesting life when hea boy. His father an explorer. He had  Bob with him on most of his expeditions. Bob can tell you a lot about them.

Jeena: How exciting! I’m sure he’s had some wonderful adventures.

Alan: He had his biggest adventure in India in 1959. Hethe only survivor in an airplane crash.

Jeena: Gosh. And to think that I n’t  anywhere.

Alan: Well, youin Jersey with your school last May. And two years ago weat Bruges together.

Jeena: Bruges? Of all the dull places!

Alan: n’t worry, Jeena. I’ll tell Bob Green to take you with him on his next expedition.

Jeena: n’t pull my leg, Alan!



Jeena: Bob  to Africa? – Alan: Yes, he. Hethere last year.

Jeena: He to Australia too, n’t he? - Alan: Yes, he. Hethere two years ago.

Jeena: He does everything well, n’t he? – Alan: Yes, he could swim when hefive. He could ride when heten. His fatheran explorer. He had  Bob with him on his expeditions.

Jeena: And to think that In’t been anywhere! – Alan: Well, youin Jersey last year. And two years ago wein Bruges together.




                               70.  THE COLDEST PLACE ON EARTH

Jeena: Youtravelled all over Africa, Bob. you  to Egypt to see the pyramids?

Bob: Yes, I there last year on my way to Sudan. But I had no time to see the pyramids.

Jeena: No time to see the pyramids?

Bob: Well, you see, Ithere on the expedition.

Jeena: What kind of expedition?

Bob: To study birds on an isle. Wein a hurry because the rainy season n’t far off. We couldn’t afford to lose a single day.

Jeena: it very hot?

Bob: Yes, rather. We couldn’t work at all in the middle of the day. Itn’t so bad in the morning and in the evening, and the nights n’t hot at all.

Jeena: I hate hot weather. you long in Sudan, Bob?

Bob: About two months.

Jeena:  you glad to leave it?

Bob: Not particularly. I had a very interesting time there.

Jeena: Oh, andyou travelled in cold countries?

Bob: Oh yes. Iin Alaska three years ago.

Jeena: it very cold there?

Bob: Yes, rather. But I know some colder places.

Jeena:you? Where, for example?

Bob: Well, England on a foggy morning in December.


Bob  to Egypt? – Yes, he.

Whenhe there? – Hethere last year.

Whyhe there? – Hethere on an expedition.

What kind of an expeditionit? – Itan expedition to study birds on an isle.

Why couldn’t he see the pyramids? – Because the expeditionin a hurry.

Whythey in a hurry? – Because the rain seasonnot far off.

Why couldn’t they work in the middle of the day? – Because it too hot.

Bob travelled in cold countries? – Yes, he.

Where? – In Alaska.

When he there? – Three years ago.


                   65. A LETTER  FROM  SERGEI  FYODOROV

Alan: Wherethis letter from Mr Fyodorov, Amy? In’t read it yet.

Amy: I’ve got it here. Shall I read it to you?

Alan: Yes,.

Amy: He's changed his address, you know. Now itLane Park 61, Didsbury, Birmingham.

Alan: n’t mind the address, read what he says.

Amy: “February 14 (Fourteenth of February). Dear Amy and Alan, Thank you very much for your letter. I expect you’ve  wondering whathappened to me. I’ve  working really hard for the last six weeks. During the day I’ve  doing experiments. And in the evenings I’ve writing reports on them.”

Alan: Poor chap, he’s working too hard. Well, go on, Amy.

Amy: “My stay in Birminghamvery pleasant. I’ve made a lot of friends. For the last 2 weeks I’ve working with two Indian scientists. They’ve  helping me with my experiments. And I’ve  teaching them Russian. Thismy last week in Birmingham. Next week I’m going to Manchester for a few days. I’m coming back to London at the BEGINNING of March.”

Alan: Oh, so he’s coming back at last.

Amy: “Ilooking forward to SEEING you all again. Please say hello to Jeena. Best, Sergei.”

Alan: He seems doing all right. Good for him.


WhatSergei doing for the last few weeks? – He’s working hard.

Whathe doing during the day? – He’s doing experiments.

What he  doing in the evenings? - He’s writing reports.

Whohelping him for the last two weeks? – Two Indian scientists.

Whathe teaching them? – He’s  teaching them Russian.

What’s the date of Sergei’s letter? - February 14.

How longhe working on his experiments? – He’s working on them for 6 weeks now.

Since whenhe too busy then? – He so busy since the BEGINNING of January.




                           66.  ALLAN MEETS AN OLD FRIEND

Bob:Hello, Allan.

Alan: Why, hello Bob. In’t seen you for ages. Whereyou? Whatyou  doing all these years?

Bob:I’ve  travelling.

Alan: Travelling? Where?

Bob:Oh, mostly in Africa. But I’ve to Australia too.

Alan: That sounds interesting. Lucky chap.

Bob:In’t  travelling just for pleasure, you knowI’ve working jolly hard.

Alan: Doing what?

Bob:I’ve  collecting material for a book on African animals and making films for Safari Films ltd.

Alan: suppose they’ve  financing you.

Bob:Not exactly. Theynot  paying my expenses but theygoing to buy the films. And whatyou  doing all this time, Alan?

Alan: Oh, nothing exciting. I’m still with the same old firm. But look here, Bob. You must come and have a drink one day. And you must meet my wife. Now wait a minute, I have a better idea. Would you like to spend a weekend with us? Or you made other plans?

Bob:No, Ijust got off the train. Could you ring to my hotel tomorrow?

Alan: Fine. Where areyou staying?

Bob:Victoria Hotel.

Alan: All right. Good bye for now.

Bob:Good bye Alan.



Where areBob and Allan are talking? – They aretalking at the railway station.

Allan seen Bob recently? – No, hen’t seen him for ages.

WhatBob  doing all these years? – He’s  travelling.

Wherehe ? – He to Africa and Australia.

he  travelling just for pleasure? – No, he’s  working.

Whathe  doing? – He collecting material for a book.

What kind of filmhe  making? – He’s  making science films.

How longyou  learning English? – I’ve  learning English for a year now.



                               67. A FLAT FOR BOB

Amy: So  you going to stay in London, Mr Green?

Bob: Yes, but I must find somewhere to live. I can’t stay in that hotel forever. Hotels frightfully expensive in this country.

Alan: Yes, they certainly. What you want to do then? Buy a house?

Bob: No, I can’t afford that at the moment. I'll look for a flat.

Amy: you want to buy one? Flats very expensive too. As a matter of fact, they n’t any cheaper than houses.

Bob: Yes, I know. I want to rent a flat. That cheaper.

Alan: But it n’t at all easy to find a good flat.

Bob: n’t it? I suppose I’ll try ADVERTISING.

Alan: You know, Bob, I think we can help you. Our friends the Luis’s  going to leave London soon.

Amy: Oh yes, they going to Canada for a year.

Alan: Exactly. And I suppose they’ll want to let their flat. Iring them up tomorrow and find out. Ilet you know at once.

Bob: Thank you very much indeed, Alan. I’ll wait for your call then.


Hotelsfrightfully expensive in this country. I must find somewhere to live.

you want to buy a house? – No, I can’t afford that at the moment. I want to rent a flat. That would be cheaper.

Our friends the Luis’s going to Canada soon. They’ll want to let their flat. Iring them up tomorrow and find out. I’ll let you know at once.

Thank you very much indeed, Alan. I’ll wait for your call then.

Sergeiin Birmingham now. He’s going to Manchester next week. Hestay there for a few days.

Bettyin London now. She’s going to Paris tomorrow. She away for a week.



                            62. ALAN NOT LIKE IT

Alan: A job with The Bell Enterprises? Why on earthyou want this job,


Amy: I want to earn some money. We need some more money, n’t we?

Alan: Nonsense, I earn enough. And I’m (going to get a rise.

Amy: But you n’t know for certain,  you? Besides, I simply n’t want to stay at home. I just want something more interesting to do.

Alan:  But what can you do at in the office? You n’t like WORKING with a computer, you?

Amy: Oh, I n’t mind it.

Alan: But you can’t work well enough with computer programs, can you?

Amy: I only need more practice.

Alan: But look here, Amy. Whogoing to do all the housework? You’ve

always said it’s a full time job. You n’t want to work day and night,  you?

Amy: Of course, I n’t. But I have you and Jeena to help me, haven’t I?

Alan: Yes, Jeena…  you thought about her? Whogoing to look

after her?

Amy: Jeenaalready grown up, Alan. She n’t need be looked after

by anybody.

Alan: Jeenaat a very difficult age. You never know what she might do.

Amy: Oh, Alan, you’re only saying this to upset me.


Alan: All right, darling. Let’s stop ARGUING. After all, you n’t got this job yet,  you?


Youn’t earn enough money, I’m  afraid Alan. - You n’t earn enough, you Alan?

You n’t like WORKING on a computer, I believe. - You n’t like

WORKING on a computer, you?

You n’t want to work day and night, I expect. - You n’t want to work day and night, you?

Jeena n’t need be looked after by anybody, I think. - Jeena n’t need be looked after by anybody,  she?


                           63. MONEY WORRIES

Amy: You look worried, Alan. What’s the matter?

Alan: Money.

Amy: Money?

Alan: Yes, the next payment for the house. It’s due next week.

Amy: But we've just sent off the payment, n’t we?

Alan: Really, darling. We’ve had the house for 8 years now, and you say that

every month. No, the new paymentdue next week, and we n’t got the money for it.

Amy: Ah, now you see, Alan, I ought to have a job.

Alan:All right, all right. But whatwe going to do now?

Amy: Can’t we borrow some money?

Alan:Who from? The Litchfields, perhaps.

Amy: Oh no, we can’t spend our lender’s money. Wen’t know them well enough.

Alan:That’s true. We’ve only known them for two years. What about Debby then? You’ve known her for years and years, Amy.

Amy: Yes, but I know she n’t got any money now. She’s had a lot of expenses lately.

Alan:That’s too bad. I reallyn’t know what we can do.

Amy: know. We can ask aunt Gwen.

Alan:Aunt Gwen? Hmm, I wonder.

Amy: n’t say “hmm”, shemy aunt after all (какникак).

Alan:All right. Then you must talk to her, Amy.


How longAlan and Amy had their house? – They’ve had it for 8 years.

How longthey known the Jones’s? - They’ve known them for 2 years.

How longAmy known Debby? – She’s known her for years and years.


Amy: Whyyou look so worried, Alan?

Alan: The next payment for the housedue next week. We n’t got the money for it.

Amy: Can’t we borrow some money?

Alan: Who from? Debby, perhaps.

Amy: She n’t got any money now. She’s had a lot of expenses lately. But we can ask aunt Gwen.

                         64. THE POSTCARD FROM PARIS

Alan: you talked to aunt Gwen about that loan, Amy?

Amy:No, I can’t get in touch with her.

Alan:What’s the matter with her? Wen’t seen her since our dinner party.

Amy:That’s almost 6 weeks. And wen’t heard from her since the last month.

Alan: But youtried to ring her up, n’t you?

Amy:Yes, I’ve tried several times since yesterday’s morning, but without any luck. 

Alan: Perhaps, her phoneout of order.

Amy: It may . Or she may  ill.

Alan: That n’t very probable. She n’t  ill for years. Sheas strong as a horse.

AmyPerhaps, she’s had an accident. She may notat home. She may  at hospital.

Alan:Really, Amy.

Amy: Please, Alan.go to her house and find out.

Alan:Must I go now? It’s so cold this evening.

Amy: Please, darling,.

Alan:Oh, well. I suppose I must. Look, Amy. There’re some letters in the letter box... A gas bill. That can wait. A letter from Sergei Fyodorov.

Amy: Oh, good! We n’t heard anything from him since 5th (the fifth).

Alan:And what’s this? A postcard from Paris!

Amy: Give it to me! “Parislovely even in February. I feel 20 years younger. Love to you both, Aunt Gwen.” Well, well, fancy that!


Alan and Amy seen aunt Gwen recently? – No, they n’t seen her since their dinner party.

they heard from her recently? - No, they n’t heard from her since the end of last month.

Amy tried to ring her up? – Yes, she’s tried several times since yesterday morning.

the Jones had a letter from Sergei recently? – No, they n’t had any letters from him since 5th (the fifth).

WhereAunt Gwenall this time? – She’s in Paris.


Alan:It’s 7:30 (half past seven), Amy. dinner ready yet? I’m awfully hungry.

Amy:Dinner ready, Alan. But we must wait for aunt Gwen. you

forgotten she’s coming for dinner tonight?

Alan:Oh,she? Then whyshe so late?

Amy:I’ve no idea. Wait a 5th (the fifth) or 6th (the sixth) today? I hope In’t made a mistake about the date.

Alan:It’s Wednesday, 6th (Wednesday the sixth).

Amy:That’s all right then. She ought  here any minute now.

Alan:We can ring her up her, can’t we? What’s her telephone number?

Amy:It’s 0208 736 32 36, I think.

Alan:But you n’t sureyou?

Amy:No, I’m not. I know her first figure is a “naught”. But I’m not sure about the

second and the third. Perhaps, it’s 0209.

(The doorbell rings). Oh, here she. Open the door, Alan.

Alan:(The doorbell rings again). All right, aunt Gwen, I’m coming!

Debby:Hello, Alan! What a pity I’m not aunt Gwen!

Alan:Debby! What a surprise!

Amy:Howyou, Debby! How nice to see you!

Alan:Let’s sit down to dinner at once.

Debby:To dinner? areyou having a dinner party? I hope I’m not on the way.

Alan:Oh, no, not at all! You must stay and have dinner with us.

Amy:Yes, of course, Debby.

Debby:Thank you! That’s very kind of you. But you’re waiting for aunt Gwen,

aren’t you?

Amy:Yes, Alan, we really mustn’t start without her.

Alan:But I’m awfully hungry.

Amy:Nonsense, darling! You can’t n’t you had a good lunch today?

Alan:Oh, well. Let’s have a drink then. (The doorbell rings). Oh good! That must  auntie. Now we can have dinner at last.


Amy: it 5th (the fifth) or 6th (the sixth) today?

Alan:It’s Wednesday, 6th (Wednesday the sixth).

Amy:Then aunt Gwen iscoming for dinner tonight. She ought here any minute now.

Alan:We can ring her up, can’t we?

Amy:Her phone number0208 736 32 36. I’m not sure about the second or the third.


                                           60. AT DINNER

Debby:Could you, please, pass me the salt Alan, please? Thank you! This rib eyevery good.

Amy:I’m glad you like it, Debby. Have some more!

Debby:No, thank you, I really couldn’t.

Amy:And you, auntie?

Aunt Gwen: No, thank you, Amy, my dear!

Alan:Whatyou going to give us next, Amy?

Amy:Apple tart. Pass me this small piece please, Alan.

Alan:Here you!

Amy:Here’s the custard. Would you like some, auntie?

Aunt Gwen:No, thank you, I never take custard.


Debby:Yes, please!

Amy:Now I must go and make some coffee.

Alan:Let’s have it in a sitting room.

Aunt Gwen:You aregiving us a very good ginner, Amy.

Amy:It’s nice you to say so, auntie. Would you like some tea and biscuits, perhaps?

Aunt Gwen: That’s a good idea!

Debby:Shall I help you with the coffee, Amy?

Amy:Oh, no,n’t bother, Debby. Stay here and keep an eye on Alan. 

n’t let him eat up all the custard.


Debby:This rib eyevery good.

Amy:Have some more, Debby!

Debby:No, thank you, I really couldn’t.

Amy:Would you like some tea and biscuits, perhaps?

Alan:Yes, please!

Aunt Gwen: Thereno sugar in my tea. Could I have some sugar, please?

Please pass me the sugar.

Alan:There’s no salt in this soup. Could I have some salt, please? Please pass me

the salt.

Aunt Gwen: There’s no gravy on my meat. Could I have some gravy, please? Please

pass me the gravy.

Amy: you like apple tart, Debby?

Debby:Yes, I.

Amy:Would you like some?

Debby:Yes, please.

Amy:Alan, take the apple tart in the kitchen.

Debby:Thank you.

Amy: you like custard?

Debby:Yes, I.

Amy:Would you like some?

Debby:Yes, please.

Amy:Alan, get the custard from the kitchen.

Debby:Thank you.

Amy:Shall I go and make some coffee now?

Alan:Yes, please !

Debby:Shall I help you with the coffee, Amy?

Amy: No, Debby,n’t bother.

Debby:Shall I keep an eye on Alan?

Amy:Yes, please!


                                           61. AMY WANTS A JOB

Amy: You know Mr Bell, Debby,n’t you?

Debby:Bell at The Bell Enterprises? Yes, I.

Amy: I’ve heard they want a secretary.

Debby:Oh,you want to apply, Amy?

Amy: Yes, as a matter of fact I. But I’m afraid I’m not good enough for work like this.

Debby:Not good enough? Why? You know that kind of work,n’t you?

Amy: Well, yes, I. Iworked at an office. But surely they need someone

more experienced.

Debby:Can you use computer programs?

Amy: Yes, I can. I can use Excel and Windows and a few others.

Debby:Not bad. And you can use ZOOM and Skype and WhatsApp, can’t you?

Amy: Yes, certainly.

Debby:And you speak French a little, don’t you, Amy?

Amy: Very little, I’m afraid.

Debby:Oh well, In’t think they have a lot of French correspondence. You

ought to apply for the job, Amy.

Amy: But I hear Susanegoing to apply too.

Debby:Well, what about it?

Amy: She works on a computer faster than I, n’t she?

Debby:In’t know if she does.

Amy: And speaks French,n’t she?

Debby:That’s not true. She only thinks she .

Amy: But she knows Mr Bell,n’t she? And In’t.

Debby:Andn’t think that’s  going to help her. Besides, shealways so

careless in her work. So I know Mr Bell too. Shall I talk to him about you, Amy?

Amy: Oh yes, please, Debby.


Amy: I expect you know Mr Bell, Debby. - You know Mr Bell,n’t you,


Debby: suppose you want a job, Amy. - You want a job,n’t you, Amy?

Debby: believe you can use computer programs, Amy. - You can use computer programs, can’t you Amy?

think you speak a little French. - You speak little French,n’t you?

I’m afraid, Nia speaks French very well. - Nia speaks French very well, doesn’t she?


Debby:You know Amy, thisa very good shop. Look at those blouses . 

n’t they pretty?

Amy:Yes, they. That blue onereally beautiful.

Debby:think the white onemore fashionable.

Amy:Yes, but it’s more expensive. Look, it costs 12 pounds.

Debby:Well, whiteoften more expensive. But look at these cotton blouses. Theyeven more expensive.

Amy:Of course, they. And theybetter for your skin.

Debby:But it’s often better to pay more to get a really good thing.

Amy:Oh no, I’m not going to buy the most expensive blouse in a shop. I want to buy something really cheap. But there n’t any cheap blouses here.

Debby:No, I’m afraid there n’t.

Amy:Oh look, there’s something cheap.

Debby:But that’s only a scarf! You n’t need a scarf.

Amy:Well, italways nice to have a new scarf. I’m going to buy it. Besides, it only costs 9.20. And ita very practical thing.

Debby:Then why youn’t buy a duster! Itthe cheapest thing in the whole shop! And the most practical too. A real bargain!

Amy:Fine, Debby. Let’s buy a scarf for me and a duster for you.


Whichmore practical, a white blouse or a colored one? - A colored blousemore practical.

Whichmore expensive, a scarf or a duster? - A scarfmore expensive.

Whichmore popular in the world, Google or Yandex? - Googlemore popular, I suppose.

Whichmore beautiful, spring or autumn? - Springmore beautiful, I


Whichthe most interesting city in England? - London, I suppose.


                                           57. A NEW MAN AT THE OFFICE

Alan: you know, Amy, we have a new man on our staff. Hegoing to be my assistant.

Amy:Really? Youa very important person now, n’t you darling?

Alan:Of course, I. From now on you must call me ‘sir’ when you speak to me.

Amy:Yes, sir! (Amy giggles). But seriously, youglad to have someone to help you, n’t you Alan? You’ve   so overworked lately.

Alan:Yes, it ought to make things easier for me. He seems a promising young man.

Amy:What’s his name?

Alan:Sellvin. Sellvin Jones.

Amy:Sellvin Jones? He’s tall and darkn’t he?

Alan:Yes…Yes. But howyou know?

Amy:And he has a little moustache, hasn’t he?

Alan:A little moustache? Yes, I believe he has.

Amy:And he can play the guitar, can’t he?

Alan:Really, Amy, I have no idea. He certainly n’t play his guitar at the office. But howyou know all this things about him? you met him?

Amy:think, I.

Alan: you? Where?

Amy: n’t you remember, Alan, heone of Debby’s friends. We’ve met him once or twice at her place. It’s funny you n’t remember.

Alan: we?

Amy:Of course, we. It’s funny you n’t remember.

Alan:Why funny? How can I possibly remember all Debby’s friends. There

too many of them.


suppose youa very important person now Alan.   - Youa very important person now, n’t you Alan?

I’m sure, youpleased to have an assistant. - Youpleased to have an assistant, n’t you?

think, it makes things easier for me. -   Imakes things easier for me, n’t it?

think this man is tall and dark. - This man is tall and darkn’t he?

think he has a little moustache. - Hhas a little moustache, hasn’t he?

think he can play the guitar. - Hcan play the guitar, can’t he?


                                           58. SERGEI STARTS WORK AT HIS FACTORY

Mr Fyodorov: Good morning, Mr Cowely!

Mr Cowely: Good morning, Mr Fyodorov! Howyou? you had a good rest after your journey?

Mr Fyodorov: Yes, thank you, I’m feeling fine.

Mr smoke?

Mr Fyodorov: No, thank you, I n’t.

Mr Cowely:By the way it’s not your first visit to England, it?

Mr Fyodorov: As a matter of fact it.

Mr Cowely:Really? Your Englishvery good.

Mr Fyodorov: Thank you.

Mr Cowely:Well now, let’s get down to business. I’m going to take you to our research department. Youn’t met with Mr Bell yet, you?

Mr Fyodorov: No, In’t.

Mr CowelyHe’s the head of our research department. I’m going to take you to see him in a minute. But to go back to your English. Itn’t difficult for you to write in English,it? you think you can manage to keep a written record of your work?

Mr Fyodorov: Yes, I think, I can.

Mr CowelyFine. By the way, could you join me for lunch today, Mr Fyodorov?

Mr Fyodorov: With pleasure.

Mr CowelyLet’s meet in the hall at a quarter to one, then. And after lunch I’d like

to introduce you to Mr and Mr . They’ve just come back from Russia.

Mr Fyodorov: Oh,they?

Mr CowelyYes. Wegoing to buy your machinery, you know. Well now, let’s go to see Mr Bell.


Thisnot your first visit to England, I suppose. - Itnot your first visit to England, it?

Youn’t met with Mr Bell yet, I believe. - Youn’t met with Mr Bell yet, you?

Itn’t difficult for you to write English, I expect. - Itn’t difficult for you to write English,it?

Youn’t very busy tonight, I hope. - Youn’t very busy tonight,you?

You can come to see us tomorrow, I hope. - You can come to see us tomorrow, can’t


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