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Диалоги: слушаем, переводим

                                  113. AUNT GWEN GOES TO HASTINGS


Amy: You know, Alan, I had a call from aunt Gwen just before you came.

Alan: Hm, whatshe want?

Amy: She wanted to know if I had a bathing suit.

Alan: she want to borrow one from you?

Amy: Oh, no. She just thought if I might take a bathing suit to Hastings with me.

Alan: What are aretalking about, Amy. You aren’t going to Hastings?

Amy: Oh, yes, I am. Or rather, we are. This coming weekend.

Alan: That’s the first time I’ve heard of it! And what  it got to do with ( got to do with=to have to do with - иметь отношение к ч.-л. )

aunt Gwen?

Amy: But I’m just telling you, that’s why sherung me up.

Alan: Listen, Amy. Suppose you tell me everything once again, right from the BEGINNING. Whataunt Gwen say?

Amy: She asked if we knew Hastings. She wanted to know whether we’d there. And whether we thought it would a good place for a

short holiday.

Alan: I still n’t understand.

Amy: Then she asked whether we had plans for the weekends, and whether our car quite in order (in order - быть в порядке). I told her it n’t in very good repair ( in good repair - в

исправном состоянии). But she said that with such a good driver as you

she would feel quite safe.


Alan: Now I’m beginning to understand. She wants me to drive her to Hastings.


Amy: Exactly! She asked if you could drive there next Saturday.


Alan: Oh, dash it all! (Проклятье!). I’ve just arranged to go FISHING with Adam.

Amy: Still you can’t refuse her … You know how decent shewith that money we’d borrowed from her last year.

Alan: All right, all right, I’ll go. But you’d better call her on Friday and ask her if shen’t changed her mind.(to change one's mind - передумать)




I had a call from aunt Gwen. She wants to know if I have a bathing suit.

She asked me if we knew Hastings.

She asked to know whether we’d there.

She asked me if we thought it would a good place for a holiday.

She asked me whether we had plans for the weekends.

She asked me if you could drive her to Hastings.

You’d better call her on Friday, Amy, // and ask her if shen’t changed

her mind.




                           114. NEXT TUESDAY EVENING


Amy: you free next Tuesday evening, Alan?

Alan: I n’t know. I’m very busy with our monthly report just now. But whyyou want to know?

Amy: Next Tuesday I’ll  at the library for six months. This deserves a celebration (≈ это надо отпраздновать!), n’t you think?

I thought you'd take me out.

Alan: Thissix months already.

Amy: Yes, and just think of it (подумать только!), I’ll earned over 10,000 pounds.

Alan: Then, you ought to take me out instead. I expect I finished my report by Tuesday. You can take me out to dinner. And I hope you’ll choose the best restaurant.

Amy: But I haven't n’t any money!

Alan: Whatyou mean? You’ve had this week’s payment, n’t you?

Amy: Ialready spent it.

Alan: How? What on?

Amy: Last month I bought myself a new summer coat and a dress. This Saturday Imade my monthly credit card payment.

Alan: n’t you saved any money, Amy?

Amy: You know I . It’s on my deposit. But I want to keep it for our holidays. Besides, I want to give a very nice farewell party for Sergei tomorrow. You’ll have to give me some money for that.

Alan: It’s a pity he’s leaving. I’ve grown quite used (used to smth.=to get used to smth=to grow used to smth -привыкать к чему-то/кому-то ) to him. He’ll  here for ten months soon.

Amy: We’ll miss him, I expect. All the more (Тем более) reason why you should try to cheer me up (помочь), Alan. n’t forget to book a table in advance.

Alan: Umm, whatever we celebrate my usual fate would  out of pocket ( out of pocket – платить из своего кармана), I think.




Next Tuesday I’ll at the library for six months.

I finished my monthly report by Tuesday.

You ought to take me out to dinner.

You’ll had this week’s pay (a pay -зарплата) by then. – But I’ll made my monthly credit card payment by Saturday. And I want to give a nice farewell party for Sergei. He’ll  here for ten months soon.




Debby got a new room in August.

Aunt Gwen’s birthdayin September.

Sergei Fyodorov arrived in England in October.

He left for (to leave for - уезжать куда-то) Manchester in November.

He moved to Birmingham in December.

The Jones gave a dinner party (to give a dinner party - устраивать ужин) in January.

Aunt Gwen visited Paris in February.

Sergei came back (to come back -возвращаться) to London in March.

Amy had an operation (to have an operation - переносить операцию) in April.

Alan got a rise (to get a rise - получить повышение по службе) in May.

Debby and Bob Smileymarried in June.

Jeena’s tennis tournament took place (to take place - проходить о мероприятии) in July.

Sergei will begoing back to Russia in August.







                            115. THE FAREWELL PARTY


Sergei: It a delightful evening, Amy!

Amy: What a pity it’s your last evening, Sergei.

Jeena: You mustn’t say that, Amy. Sergeicome to England again, won’t you Sergei?

Alan: Of course, he . You must come straight (сразу же) to us, Sergei. We keep your room ready for you.

Debby: And you can always stay with us in our new house.n’t it so, Bob?

Bob: That goes without SAYING (= Само собой разумеется),  Debby. We’ll happy to have you ( happy to have smb - рады принять у себя), Mr Fyodorov.

Aunt Gwen: n’t forget you're also to put up (останавливаться; поселяться) at my old house, Me Fyodorov. I dare to say you’ll make it quite comfortable in it.

Sergei: Youextremely kind, all of you. Thank you for the invitations! But it really my turn to invite all of you to Russia.

Jeena: I’m going to Russia , it’s quite settled. I’ll go as soon as I’ve saved 500 pounds. I’ve already had half of it.

Amy: We might also manage to spend a short holiday in Russia. n’t you think so, Alan?

Alan: I think we might. Next year, perhaps.

Aunt Gwen: I’m definitely going to visit Russia when I’ve sold my sheep farm, Mr Fyodorov.

Debby: And what about us, Bob?

Sergei: Russia probably one of the very few countries youn’t visited yet, Mr Smiley?

Bob: So, it . Let’s go to Russia when Ifinished my present book, shall we, Debby?

Debby: It’s a splendid idea!

Sergei: very happy to welcome you all in Moscow!




As soon as Ive saved 1000 pounds I’ll go to Russia.

I’m going to visit Russia when I’ve sold my sheep farm.

Let’s go to Russia when I’ve finished my book, Debby.


                                107. A PRESENT FOR THE SMILEYS

Alan: lunch ready, Amy? I must say I’m rather hungry.

Amy: Oh dear, Ionly just got back. I’ve shopping all the

morning, and I’m dead tired.


AlanThat means we’ll have to call up a food delivery, I suppose.


Amy: I’m afraid so.


AlanSince you’ve got that job I’ve to eat pizza almost every Saturday. But never mind that now. What about that present for Debby and Bob?

you done anything about it?

Amy: Yes, I. But itgiven me a lot of trouble. I had to walk all 

way along Oxford Street until at last found something really good.  And

then I found I had too little money on me. And I had to look for something

cheaper. I got so tired that I simply had to have a cup of coffee


AlanWell, but what about that present? you or n’t you buy anything?

Amy: You should n’tso impatient. Of course, I. But In’t

want to carry it without help myself because it’s too heavy.

AlanToo heavy?

Amy: Yes, theydeliver it with a courier.

(The doorbell)

Alan: n’t go Amy, Isee to it.

Amy: Thashould  someone from that shop. You’ll have to tip them, Alan.

AlanLook here, Amy. What on earthyou bought? What’s this big

roll? You wanted to buy them the newest IPad tablet.

Amy: So I. But I found something better. A lovely rack for their sitting room. They should pleased with it. Only whythis roll

(сверток) so big? Let’s unpack it now, Alan. Good heavens, what’s this?


AlanWhy, it’s a roll of wall paper.


Amy: Really? How could they make such a silly mistake? But look here, Alan. We can use it for our bedroom. You wanted to repaper it,n’t you?

AlanWhat? Darling, you surelyn’t expect me to sleep in a room

with those blue roses and pink lilies.

Amy: Jeena wouldn’t like it either, Iafraid.


AlanOf course not. Ring up that shop, Amy. They should take back this

stuff at once.




Since you’ve got that job  //   I’ve to eat pizza almost every Saturday.

But what about that present for the Smileys? - Oh, I had to walk 

 all way all along Oxford Street  //   until I found  something really good.

I bought them a rack for their sitting room. They should pleased with it.

Thashould someone from the shop.

You’ll have to tip them, Alan.





                               108. THE SMILEYS IN LONDON

Amy: Debby, darling, here youat last. Whenyou arrive? Whereare you staying? Where’s Bob? Whyn’t you brought him with you?

Debby: Goodness, Amy, not so fast! Howyou expect me to answer all your questions at once?

Amy: Well then, whenyou arrive?

Debby:The day before yesterday.

Amy: Really? Iso glad you’ve able to come to see me so soon. I’m dying to hear all about you and Bob. Whyyou make such a secret of your plans?

Debby:A secret? But wen’t. I’ve just made up my mind rather suddenly.

Amy: Who wouldve thought you’d marry Bob Smiley of all people? (уж

за кого-кого, но не…)? Of course, he’s a very interesting man. But I

simply can’t imagine him in a part of a husband.

Debby: It fits him quite well. When you come and see it you’ll

able  to judge for yourself (сами увидите). Could you come to dinner next

Sunday, you and Alan?

Amy: With pleasure. Thanks for the invitation.

Debby:you think Sergei would glad to come too?

AmyIsure he wouldBy the way, Debby, where areyou staying?

Debby:  In my old flat.

Amy: n’t it rather small for two people?

Debby:  Oh yes, it’s far too small for all Bob’s books and collections. But most of his thingsstill in the flat he rented from the Luises’. Wen’t able to take them all to my place.

Amy: Well then, whatyou going to do? you move in to Luises’ flat?

Debby: Perhaps, but we won’t able to stay there longer than a month or two. The Luises arecoming back from Canada.

Amy: Oh, arethey? In’t know. Look here, Debby. Sergei is

going back to Russia very soon. When he’s gone we can store some of your

things in his room if you like.

Debby: That’s very kind of you, Amy. But we rather think we’ll able

to buy a small house. Bob’s latest book’s selling quite well, you know. We’ll have to get mortgage on a house, of course.

Amy: I think Alan might  able to help you over all that. Won’t you stay to supper, Debby? He’ll here any moment. You can tell him

about your problem.


Debby: Oh, I’m very sorry, Amy, but I can’t stay now. I’m meeting Bob in

half an hour. As a matter of fact he rather thought of ASKING Alan’s advice.

Amy: They’ll  able to discuss the whole thing on Sunday then.


Debby: Thank you, Amy. Till Sunday then. Good bye.


Amy: Good bye, Debby.




I so glad you’ve able to come to see me so soon.

But I simply can’t imagine Bob in a part of a husband.

It fits him quite well. you come and see us? You’ll able to judge for


n’t your room rather small for two people? – Yes, most of Bob’s things  still in the Louise’ flat.

Hen’t able to take them all to my place.

you going to move in to Luises’ flat then? – We’re not going to stay there very long. And I think we’ll able to buy a small house.


Bob thought of ASKING Alan’s advice.

They’’llable to discuss the whole thing on Sunday.


                         109. MEETING OLD FRIENDS


Amy: Goodness, Alan! It’s 11 o’clock. Whereyou ? What you  doing?

Alan: I’m sorry, Amy. I met some old friends.

Amy: And Iso worried.

Alan: You see, met old Steve Dunn and his brother Duncan. In’t seen them for years. You must met them when we first (только-только) married.

Amy: In’t remember.

Alan: Any way. We went to a pub and had a drink.

Amy: I might known. At least you could called me and let me


Alan: Well, I know I should done that. Only you see my mobile must  switched off and In’t realize that.

Amy: But surely youn’t spend all the time in the pub?

Alan: No, of course not. Therea small Indian restaurant next door,

so we went and had some curry.

Amy: And now of course youn’t want any supper?

Alan: Well…, as a matter of fact (вообще-то) In’t. I’m sorry, Amy. You’ve  sitting at home all this time and cooking, I suppose?

Amy: Nothing of the sort! (Ничего подобного!)

Alan: Whatyou mean?

Amy: Just think! (Представь себе!) . I too meeting my old friends. You should come home half an hour earlier. Then I wouldn’t  at home. And you would  cross with me.

Alan: I see. Well, better luck next time. (В следующий раз повезёт.)





You know, Amy I met Steve Dunn today. You must met him when we first married.

We went to a pub and had a drink. - I might known. At least you could called me and let me know.

I know I should done. Only you see my mobile must  switched off and In’t realize that.

Youshould come home half an hour earlier. Then Iwouldn’t  at home. And you could  cross with me.




Alan’s mobileprobably switched off. - Alan’s mobile must switched off.

Amy probably met Steve Dunn when shefirst married. - Amy must met Steve Dunn when she first married.

Amy probably guessed why Alanso late. - Amy must guessed why Alan so late.

                  110. MEETING SERGEI AT THE THEATRE

Alan: What timeyou tell Sergei to meet us here?

Amy: At lunch time.

Alan: Oh,n’t  funny, darling. You know what I mean. What timehe  here?

Amy: At twenty past seven.

Alan: It’s twenty past already. you sure you told him to meet us here by the box office?

Amy: Yes, of course! I wonder what could happened. It’s so unlike Sergei  late.

Alan: He may gone to the wrong (не тот) theatre.

Amy: Impossible. I  gave him his ticket.

Alan: He might taken the wrong bus.

Amy: But Sergei knows London very well by now, all the better (еще лучше) than I .

Alan: Then something must delayed (to delay - мешать/задерживать) him.

Amy: I can’t help FEELING a little anxious. you think he couldve had (= hcould had) an accident (to have an accident - попасть в аварию)?

Alan: Of course not! Why should he?

Amy: Here he comes at last!

Sergei: I’m terribly sorry kept you WAITING! But it the girl’s fault.

Alan: What girl?

Alan: Never mind that now, Amy. Let’s hurry. The curtain goes up (занавес подымается) in (in - через) two minutes.

Sergei: Here (Вот, пожалуйста, возьмите/угощайтесь) some chocolates for you, Amy.

Alan: Ah, I might guessed! You bought them in a small street shop near the bus stop, n’t you? And there a pretty girl in the shop who kept you TALKING.

Sergei: Howyou guess (to guess - догадываться), Amy?






What time Sergei here, Amy? - At twenty past seven. - It’s twenty past already.

wonder what could happened. - He may gone to the wrong theatre. He might taken the wrong bus. Or something must delayed him.

you think he could had an accident?

I’m terribly sorry kept you WAITING! Itthe girl’s fault. Here some chocolates for you, Amy.

I might guessed! Ita girl in the shop who kept you TALKING.




                       111. PRESENTS FOR THE FAMILY

(Sergei speaks on the phone)


Sergei: Yes, yes. I think I know where they, Professor. Of course! Till tomorrow then. Good bye, Professor. (Sergei puts down the phone.) That Professor Attkins. He wanted to know where heput some important papers of his.

Alan: How like him!

Sergei: I have to see him at the university tomorrow and find out what he done with them.

Alan: that all he wanted?

Sergei: He also wanted to know when I was leaving. Hequite surprised when I told him itthis coming Thursday.

Alan: you registered yet?

Sergei: No, not yet. I’ll do this by internet first thing tomorrow morning. And then I’m going to book a hotel in Paris. I want to stop for two or three nights there.

Alan: You have a cousin there, haven’t you?

Sergei: Yes, but I n’t seen him for several years. I’d like to see how he isgetting on.

Alan: Your MEETING with Professor Attkins take the whole morning.

Sergei: Oh, that not all! I’ve got a lot of SHOPPINGS to do, presents for the family, you know. I’m sure the kids never stop ASKING what Daddybring them from England.

Alan: BUYING presentsa task business.

Sergei: Yes, rather.

Alan: Ask Amy to help you. She adores SHOPPING!

Sergei: Shealready promised to help me.

Alan: you made up your mind what yougoing to buy?

Sergei: I’m afraid not. Pullovers for the children, I suppose. And some toys, of course. But I’m not quite sure what I ought to buy my wife.

Alan: n’t she given the hints in her letters?


Sergei: Well, she writes: “n’t waste money on any presents for me. My measurements36x27x37.  



Professor Attkins wanted to know where he put some papers of his.

I think I know where they .

He also wanted to know when I wasleaving.

You have a cousin Sergei, haven’t you? – Yes, I’d like to see him in Paris and learn how he isgetting on.

you going to take any presents to Russia? – Oh, I’m sure the kids never stop ASKING what Daddy bring them from England.

you made up your mind what you going to buy? - I’m not sure yet what I ought to buy my wife.



                      112. A HOUSE FOR THE SMILEYS


Amy: I wonder if the Smileys’ve seen this advertisement in the internet?

Alan: What advertisement? Where isit placed?

Amy: Here, on the CountryLife website. A house for sale, the very thing for them (как раз то, что им надо).

Alan: For sale… ‘Modern house 50 miles from London’. I doubt if they going to move so far away.

Amy: Why not? If they can’t find anything suitable near in London. And this house looks very comfortable. Here, look at those pictures.

Alan: Hm, looks rather small, I must say.

Amy: But they wanted a small house. Besides, there’s a large garden.

Alan: How can you tell if itlarge? You can see only a part of it in the picture. Besides,you know if the Smileys want a large garden? It needs a lot of work.

Amy: I can ring Debby and ask. But never mind  the garden (= Бог с ним, с эти садом!). Other thingsmore important. Central heating (центральное отопление), for example.

Alan: Howyou know if there’s central heating in that house? The advertisement n’t say so.

Amy: It says it’s a modern house. Surely, in a modern house…

Alan: I wouldn’t  so sure about that, you know. Besides, you n’t know if the Smileys like central heating. Some people n’t.

Amy: I can call Debby and ask.

Alan: Now theysure to want a garage and there’s nothing about one (это местоимение вместо слова "гараж", чтобы не повторять дважды это слово, а не слово "один") in the end (в довершение всего).

Amy: Of course, there’s a garage! I can see it in a picture. Here, on the left.


Alan: What? This? It looks  more like a hencoop (курятник)!

You’d better ring (ты бы [лучше] позвонила) Debby and ask if she wants

to keep chickens!

Amy:  n’t absurd (Не смеши!), Alan.

Alan: Sorry, darling. I wasonly pulling your leg. As a matter of fact (по правде сказать), the Smileysalready bought a house. I helped them over the transaction this morning.

Amy: Well, really?




I wonder if the Smileysseen this advertisement.

A modern house 50 miles from London.

I doubt if they’ll want to move so far away.

The houseso comfortable, and there’s a large garden.

How can you tell if it’s large? Andyou know whether ("whEther",  а не "wEAther" - это частица, которая употребляется в косвенных вопросах как и другая частица "if") they want a large garden?

There’s central heating in the house and a garage.

How you know (Откуда ты знаешь, есть ли...?) if there’s central heating in that house?

And your garage looks more like a hencoop in the picture.

                                           104. THE LOST PURSE



Amy: Alan, I can’t find my purse.

AlanNo? Whenyou last have it?

Amy: In’t know. I think I left it in the library.

AlanIf youleft it in the library you wouldn’thad any money on you. And yowouldn’tdone any SHOPPING on your way home.

Amy: That’s true. Oh, I know, I probably left it at the grocer’s.

AlanBut if youleft it at the grocer’s yowouldn’tused your travel card in the tube.

Amy: Hmm, yes.

AlanProbably, you just left your handbag open and the purse simply gone out.

Amy: Oh well, my handbag opens easily, it’s too old. If Ibought that nice Italian pigskin handbag wouldn’tlost my purse.

AlanWhatyou mean? Which Italian bag?

Amy: The one we saw in that shop on Regent street last week.

AlanIn’t remember. But whyn’t you buy it?

Amy: If Ibought it wouldn’thad the money to pay for my new summer coat and dress. (The doorbell). I’ll go and see who it. (Amy goes to open the door).

AlanWell, whoit?

Amy: A taxi driver.

AlanWhat taxi driver?

Amy: The one who drove me here. He brought the purse. I left it in the taxi.

AlanSo you came by taxi…Why?

Amy: Younot get a bonus every day,you? I wanted to give myself a treat.

AlanWhatyou mean, Amy? You got a bonus. How much? Whereit?

Amy: In my purse, of course! It’s there all time.




If youleft your purse in the library, Amy, //  yowouldn’tdone any SHOPPING on your way home.

If youleft it at the grocer’s    //    yowouldn’tused your travel card on the tube.

If Ibought that Italian pigskin handbag  //  wouldn’tlost my purse.

But if Ibought it     - wouldn’thad enough money to pay for my new coat.  



                              105. A LETTER FROM NEW ZEALAND


Amy: There’s a letter for you, Alan. From New Zeeland. I’ve put it on your desk.

AlanWho on earth iswriting to me from New Zeeland?

Amy: That’s exactly what Iasking myself. open the letter, Alan.

AlanAh, it’s from old Bob!

Amy: How extraordinary! Youn’t even know heleft London again. If he told us he wasgoing away wwould seen him off.

AlanWell, I’m dashed.

Amy: Whatit, Alan? Whathe say?

AlanHe’s got married.

Amy: Youn’t say. Hen’t seem a marrying sort at all. Whyn’t he let us know that before? Whyn’t he invite us to his wedding?

AlanWhat uswould that? Even if heinvited us we couldn’t flown to New Zeeland for his wedding, could we?

Amy: No, we couldn’t. But if he let us know we couldwritten to him. We couldsent our congratulations.

AlanThere’s another surprise for you in Bob'sletter, know who his wife?

Amy: Somebody from New Zeeland, I suppose.

AlanNot at all! It’s your dearest friend Debby.

Amy: What? You arepulling my leg (to pull one's leg = to make fun - шутить над кем-л.), Alan.

AlanNothing of the kind! Here, read it yourself. (Amy reads the letter)

Amy: It’s incredible! She always said shwould never marry. I had no idea she liked Bob Smiley. She never spoke about him at all.

AlanBut you knew she wasflying to New Zeeland,n’t you?

Amy: Oh yes, I knew that. But she never related that to Bob Smiley. Why n’t they want us to know? If they'd written to us earlier wwould had more time to send them a wedding present.

AlanWell, we can send them a present now.

Amy: So, wcan. It’s a good thing Igot this bonus,n’t it?




What would the Greensdone if theyknown Bob was going away? -

Thewould seen him off.

Whawould they done if helet them know about his wedding? -

They would written to him and sent their congratulations.

Whawould theydone if Bob and Debbywritten to them earlier? -

Thewould sent them a wedding present.




                              106. GOING TO THE TOURNMENT


Amy: It’s lovely weather,n’t it? A perfect day for your tennis tournament, Jeena.

Jeena: It’s too good to last (слишком уж хорошо, чтобы так могло продолжаться). I bet we’ll have rain just as we start to play.

Amy: ’t  such a pessimist. I’m looking forward to SEEING you play.

AlanBy the way, Jeena, Ivery sorry but I can’t come to the tournament with you. Ito meet an important client of ours at the airport.

Jeena: Oh, Alan you promised.

AlanHeto come next week. But he had to change his plans at the last moment.

Amy: Oh bother! Youto take us in the car. And now we have to go by tube. And you to pick up Julia on our way, Jeena?

Jeena: Oh well, sheto ring me up in any case. So I can tell her to go by tube as well. But it’s really too bad of  Alan  (Это очень некрасиво cо  стороны Алана). I wanted him so much to come.

AlanSorry, Jeena.

Amy: Wait a minute. Perhaps Alan could try and get there at second half. Whatyou think, Alan?

AlanWell, I’m meeting that man at the airport at 3:40 (three forty). There' s  a conference at our office at 4:30 (half past four). I might free round about (около) 6.

Amy Then that's settled. Youto come straight to the tennis court and then youtake us all in the car.




Isorry but I can’t come to the tournament with you, Jeena.

I’m to meet an important client of ours at the airport.

Heto come next week. But he had to change his plans.

But youto take us in the car, Alan. Now we have to go by tube.

And you to pick up Julia on our way, Jeena?

Oh well, sheto ring me up in any case.

Perhaps you can come to the second part of the tournament, Alan.

There’s a conference at our office at 4:30 (half past four). I might free round about 6.

Then that’s settled! You to come straight to the tennis court.

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